So I was on my brother's Ipod...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ZedLeppelin, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Lol it could be just me but u should rephrase that...:smoke:
  2. I still think it's some random laughing bullshit.

    Personally, I don't find that type of shit amusing but some people do for some fucking reason.

    Find out what the deal is before you over react.

    It's probably just kid bullshit...

  3. My God, what have I done.

  4. I'll take his Ipod and ask him about it, and then I'll recommend if he wants to watch fucked up shit to watch 2 girls 1 cup. That way he'll know anal is kinda fucked up, because I'll have linked it with the 2 girls 1 cup in his head.

    Hopefully this works.
  5. Why is it that people in this society seem to freak out at the though of young children masturbating? Its part of normal development. There is nothing at all wrong with discovering your body and sexuaity at a young age. A lot of times there isnt even any sexual motive behind it. They just do it because it feels good. And really, whats so wrong about kids knowing about sex? Honestly, if they are eventually going to do it, why not teach them about it at a young age? Teach them about safe sex before they try it and get pregnant at 13. It will at least damper the number of teen pregnancies. I think that instead of hiding sex from kids completely, we should teach them about it and limit their exposure to it. Just like how the government should regulate weed instead of keeping it illegal.
  6. delete this thread, no harm no foul ;)

  7. I agree with everything you said. This is about anal, not about masturbating.

    Even if he found this thread, some of the comments are pretty positive. I also doubt he's gonna google those phrases at the same time, so I think this thread is safe.
  8. I figure you probably know you brother pretty well, if you think you could approach him about it I would. Better he talk about it with someone who cares than someone who could care less, or worse attack him because of it. Good luck.
  9. Post here about it when you confront him..
    This thread will be the bee's knees.
  10. looool imagine if he'd searched 'how to finger your brother anally' or some shit

    then you'd have something to worry about
  11. My thinking is at least it's "men masturbating by themselves" instead of "men masturbating with each other"
  12. You people make it seem like stimulating your own prostate is taboo. Have you ever tried it? I admit, I had my doubts at first, but I swear, that is some intense pleasure right there, it's a completely different sensation than normal masturbation. I'd honestly love to have a chick do that to me in the middle of an intense sex session. More power to your bro for wanting to figure this shit out. It'll only make him a better lover in the future.

  13. lol lol!!
  14. Ok, I confronted him after he got home from school. I told him to come into his room, and he did.

    *I show him the Ipod
    *He goes "give it back", and starts getting pissed
    * He see's that it's on his searches, and I go "what the fuck is this man"
    * He starts grinning and goes "it's nothing"
    * I say "This is some fucked up shit, I don't want you to do this kinda shit"
    * Then I pointed at the Ipod for emphasis
    * I then told him that if he does this, it's weirder than 2 girls 1 cup.
    *I asked him why he searched it, I had to ask him twice. He didn't answer so I said "Do you do this shit or did you just decide to search some fucked up shit?"
    * He said "I just searched it, I don't do it"
    * I then said "Alright, don't do that shit, it's fucked up."
    * Then I got some milk and cookies and started typing this.

    Crisis averted.
  15. Congrats. You just made your brother think masturbating is perverted.

  16. Now he's going to take up Bible Study in school, and preach to the masses how sexual activities are wrong in the eyes of his brother.

  17. No no, when I was showing him it I showed him the anal search.

  18. Either way, Congrats. That shit had to be mad awkward for both of you, or atleast one of you.
  19. well that was a fucking douche move. come on did you really have to go about this in the most stereotypical ignorant way you could. Come on man just because you're insecure and think anything touching you butt a\makes you a flaming homo, doesn't mean you have to pass this mentality to your brother.

  20. Trust me, it was.

    Yes, yes I did. I just wanted him to know it's not normal.

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