So I was on my brother's Ipod...

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    I was making lunch and was waiting for the microwave to do it's thing. I go and pick up my bro's Ipod and decide to go on safari with it. I go to the search bar and I see a bunch of suggestions come up including :

    Men masturbating by themselves
    How to finger yourself anally
    How to masturbate

    My brother is 12, and I understand that he's discovering his sexuality and all that, but seriously? Anal? The fuck.
  2. Yikes. The "men masturbating by themselves" is probably just so he can see what it looks like to do it himself. Wouldn't worry too much... except for the "finger yourself anally" that's not normal, but I doubt it's gay.
  3. hahahahaahha ooooh man.
  4. youngsters, alone, are liable to look at/do some crazy shit...
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    yaaa i wouldnt go lookin for stuff you know your not gona wana see

    outa sit down with him and tell em stop bein a fag
  6. I've came across some internet histories that I was very shameful to find... oh well :D :D
  7. I remember when I was his age I had to figure this shit out all by myself. I didn't even know you could anally finger yourself :confused_2:

    This is crazy because I viewed him as this innocent kid who never does anything wrong. Should I say something or just leave it be?
  8. I'm sure we all have. :eek:

    Hmm well I guess worst case scenario is he's confused. Whether he's feeling attracted to men, or somebody told him about butt sex and he had to check it out? I don't know... but today's youth is insane. Any kids born in 2,000 + are liable to be crazy as fuck since they're hitting that pre-teen age when the internet is getting so massive.
  9. Never judge a man by his search bar. . . .If someone looked through mine they would really think I was a pervert or something but I just like looking at weird shit.

    Hell, with all the weird mother fuckers talking on this site I have had to enter something in my search bar only to end up wishing I had been born blind more than once! :D
  10. Wowwww, that's weird. If I were you i would bring it up casually and tell him if he is embarrassed to ask your parents that he should come to you instead of looking at gay porn online.
  11. I'd leave it alone unless an actual problem starts occurring. It's hard enough to be a 12 year old discovering sexuality without the embarrassment.

  12. You're probably right, I'll check his Ipod history in a year and then post a follow-up thread, unless I forget.
  13. Should of left the page open to some boobies or something when you put it back

  14. QFT....Ya you really can't judge him and/or confront him about something in his search bar

    leave it be and mind your own business...What would you even say to him if you did confront him?

    honestly dude everybody's different...let him do his own exploring without the thought of big brother watching behind his back.
  15. purchase him a magazine, or dvd, some lube, tissues, and a bannana, that'll do the trick:D
  16. [ame=""][/ame]
  17. Do a quick search for Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  18. The voice of Simba in the Lion King? What about him?
  19. Bro, you should pick him up a titty magazine for him just to try and give him some guidance. You'll be encouraging him to love titties, and he will think his older brother is the fucking man for giving him the mag.

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