So I was on my brother's Ipod...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ZedLeppelin, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I'd rather have a sub to Brazzers
  2. the lil bro speaks!:p

    lol but, a mag should do the trick i think.

    its like yeah hes 12, but tits are nothing.

    if your parents ever found out you gave it to him, oh well its just tits. nothing too big, everyone fucks.

    oh and yes, he will think your the man for getting him it.
  3. well at least it didn't say how to blow your brother while he is sleeping
  4. i wonder whats gonna happen to all these kids growing up with free internet porn and 2 girls 1 cup.

    they all gonna be suckin dicks by the time theyre 21 probably
  5. Man i say just leave it alone only thing that can come from confrontation about it is some really really awkwards words/looks lol. Or it would embrass the living hell out of him
  6. LMFAO!!!!! time to call your local priest for an emergency lesson

  7. LMFAO and also QFT .... this is sooo true. Maybe he heard from one of his older buddies that a girl slipped a finger in his butt during a BJ and he wanted to know why
  8. Well what is he doing so out of the ordinary and wrong now? It's a young kid just learning about a whooole lot of new things. And now for an appropriate clip from Weeds!

    [ame=]YouTube - Weeds Masterbation Tips[/ame]
  9. dude wants to finger his asshole.. u gotta help ur brother man. that shit is weird

  10. lmao


    he'll take advantage

    give him some tittie mags
    best guidance without words you can give him
  12. Just leave him to his stuff.

    Nothing wrong with goin nuts by yourself. ;)
  13. Maybe he watched Road Trip.


  14. Don't ask, dont tell
  15. lol thats what i'm saying. forget the priest.

    honestly, it was probly his dumb ass friends talking about sticking their fingers up their asses. i've certainly never tried it, but i guess some guys like it........why i've heard of dudes admitting that i'll never know. and it will haunt me for the rest of my life as long as discussions like this pop up.
  16. Damn thats crazy lol. Its kinda messed up how ur putting his business out there like that lol.
  17. Have faith.
  18. put some shit about pussy in that search bar for him
  19. "My brother is 12, and I understand that he's discovering his sexuality and all that, but seriously? Anal? The fuck....."

  20. I was briefly on my buddies computer to check my Facebook because I was waiting for an inbox, I type the letter F and a shit-storm of previous links from the history showed up D: First one that caught my eye was "Piss-fucking"

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