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  1. If a bulldozer or trachoe fell off a barge and landed in the water WHILE someone was driving it,could they drive through a swap knockin trees over ands shit?..I'm so high right now ansd thought it was mind boggling
  2. Then half an hour later I was literally transported to a different universe. My room looked like an alien jungle and out of nowhere green smurfs started building houses and farming in front of me. so I bowed to them. The smurfs started dancing and singing around me. They said they would spare me if I would serve them by helping them build their village so I did. Everything slowly faded as my high died down. Before the smurfs left Papa Smurf shook my hand and he started floating up and he left.
  3. o_O

    I don't think so.. maybe if it was built to be able to do that

  4. ..the fuck?
  5. Wouldn't it just sink?

    i don't get it..
  6. barges don't go in swamps :confused:

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