So I was in Walmart...

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    I went to walmart with my dad because he had to get some odds and ends. Anyway, when we were in the gardening section, I hear an old lady yell "I'm running out of juice! I'm running out of juice!" I turn around and I see a little old lady in an electric chair going slower and slower. I would have felt bad if she wasn't laughing, but it was funny as shit (not the fact that she was out of juice!!!, but just at how cute it was) because she was laughing as well. That might sound gay, but old people are awesome.
  2. Thank you.

  3. ..wat
  4. haha thats pretty funny :p I hear ya though if she wasnt laughing it woulda been awkward..
    more like "im running out of juice come fucking help me you young full of life people"
  5. hahah imagine that to be funny as hell :D
  6. Yeah I was with my dad... I was just ripped laughing my ass off and I think he kind of felt bad. I knew the workers or something were going to help her so I continued to laugh. :p
  7. ajajajajaja fuckin hilarious!!! thats something you record!!! anyways thanks for tha laugh!
  8. That was funny LOL :laughing:
  9. Lol that was hilarious! Thanks fer makin my day bro :cool:

  10. hahaha I was thinkin the same thing. Wish some one had recorded that
  11. much funnier when they get impatient from the traffic and completely crash into something on accident.
  12. Haha thanks guys :) I would have recorded but she only said it twice :\
  13. you shoulda told her to do some tricks on her scooter. Old people can do mad spins and flips with their little buggies
  14. All the beauitful people are at wal mart

    I was at path mark and this dude over 300lbs who was in a cart got mad at one of those claw machine. He starts slamming on it and lifting it to try to get his so important stuffed animal. Then he puts his arm up into the machine. He removes a pink elephant and I died laughing. I took some pics an a video but I was too far away to get clear images. His tye-dye shirt was epic.

  15. Not where I live... all the fat people shop at wal mart, target though...that's where the fine ass milf roam
  16. I was being sarcastic gussy. All the goblins and ghouls shop at wal mart.

  17. Holy shit you just reminded me! While I was there, this obese (not making fun) guy accidentally knocked a box of like 6 lamps off the cabinet and they all shattered. He then proceeded to scream "FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!" that was funny as well hahahah. I need to go to walmart more often.

  18. But she was out of juice...
  19. One time me and my girl were walking out and passed this 300 pound woman in a cart with a dozen bags tied to it and she wore a red dress with flowers.

    I go to my girl,"did u see that woman?"

    "no what about her?"

    "are you kidding me. We walked right past her!"

    "no. I must have missed her".

    "I don't know how you missed her!"

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