So i was eating some spaghetti in a can..

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    and it tasted amazing.

    but it made me realize something..
    I prefer cheap pre-made foods over home-made meals.

    Everyone always says "there's nothing like a good ol home cooked meal."
    but i'm so different in that sense.

    Shit i'd rather have me some wendys chicken nuggets on Thanksgiving than a big ol turkey, and mashed potatos and all that.

    Am i crazy?
  2. I agree completely. My daily diet includes some kind of canned spaghetti.. ravioli, spaghettios, beefaroni, spaghetti and meat balls, etc. And I also eat nothing but Wendy's chicken nuggets when it comes to eating out.
  3. I think your views will change when you learn how to cook well.
  4. Your mom must not have been very good in the kitchen then.
  5. But she was in bed!

    sorry, couldn't resist.

    Only way ill eat canned is if i need a quick pick-me-up
  6. Yes. s
  7. That's not true at all. Both my parents enjoy the food that they cook, and other people enjoy it too. However, I don't. I'd choose a can of Ravioli over a home cooked meal anyday, no matter how many spices and flavor extracts and what ever chopped vegetables you cook with it.

    I also am completely against eating the following; Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Onions, Pickles, Olives, Mushrooms, Spinach, and everything else in that category, even though technically they haven nothing in common with each other, besides the fact that they're plants, besides mushrooms.

    But I like other vegetables like broccoli, corn, lettuce, carrots, and a few other things.. They're of a different category in my eyes.
  8. Perhaps you just don't like their cooking?
    Not everyone likes the same food.
    Not all home-cooked meals are cooked the same way..

    So if you were given an option..
    A home-cooked steak and a Caesar salad..
    A box of Kraft Mac N' Cheese

    You'd choose the latter?

    You're weird.

    Or misled.

    One or the other.
  9. Everyone has different tastes. I believe the fulfillment of fast food has to do with the immediate satiation of the craving. When you get hungry and/or get a craving, its quite apparently at its peak for the first 10-15 minutes, and then while it might stay, the intensity starts diminishing. With fast food, you can fulfill that craving at its peak, so the experience is more satiating. Once youve gotten used to fast food satiating you in this way, it is likely that even when you are not craving you will feel the same satiation by acclimatization.

    Home cooked meals taste alot better, though. If you found yourself in a position where home cooked meals were somehow laid out at the same time as when you got hungry, and matched the craving at least somewhat, in all probability you would start preferring the home food..

  10. I don't like anything you listed except corn lol. I hate spaghetti but I love spaghetti O's. Hate salads, lettuce tastes like a fucking tree leaf to me. I like red peppers and green peppers, hebenaro pepers and onions in chilli and soups and stuff but not by themselves. Pickles are the nastiest things ever in my eyes, they suck so bad lol. I can however eat potatoes, grapefruits, oranges and banannas. I am a picky ass eater lol.

    I'd rather have the Mac N' Cheese. I will eat steak but definatly not with a salad.
  11. Well, somebody has to eat that shit so at least you enjoy it.
  12. That's like saying I'll eat the macaroni but not the cheese.
    Caesar salad is the man's salad.
    Try that shit out some time.
  13. this thread is bad and you should feel bad

  14. no, just uninformed

    go get a homie to have his mom cook for u some time

    and if she's good, get ready for a orgasim of your tastebuds

    there will litteraly be a thick milky residue on your tounge after eating
  15. I LOVE Caesar Salad. How can you not like it!?
  16. Anyone who doesn't love either Caesar salad or home-cooked meals is a communist!
  17. this thread is disturbing
  18. Chill chill. Yall talk about freedom and shit and show the principles of liberatarianism then really show it. This guy likes what he likes. Let him eat his spaghetti-o's and chunky new england clam chowder. Shit. My dad is a business man and has eaten at various expensive restaurants around the country and told me that chunky's new england clam chowder is just as good as the 7-10$ ones he had at the 4-5 star restaurants. Crazy shit huh. Get off this guys dick!

  19. Not true. Anyone who has ever had my mom's food has loved it.. and i do as well sometimes.. but still.
  20. you're rude. :rolleyes:

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