So I was eating a sandwich someone gave me when all of a sudden...

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by -ir-mokalotapot, May 12, 2011.

  1. I felt like drawing on some foil while browsing the forum. :bongin:


    I wrapped a newspaper and went to work! :smoke:



    Haha what do you think? :hello: My camera isn't great but at least I have one, it's just for now. So I'll post more in the Artist's Corner and show you some better shit once I go around town... :devious:
  2. what kind of sandwich is that?

  3. Idk it's that thick ass ham that you usually eat on holidays. It was given to me so I'm not sure but it tastes like honey mustard, mayo, cheese and iceberg lettuce on white bread. Simple but bomb as fuck. :smoke:
  4. Good stuff, I wish I could do that.
  5. that sammich looks gross but i know tastes amazing
  6. I dig it, man, im subbin for those other pics of you goin round town.
  7. ^

    thats one gangster lookin sandwich rapper
  8. looks pretty tasty

  9. cock meat sandwich :eek:
  10. Djace112 When I first saw the sammich I thought it looked like the kind of shit you eat when your locked up and I was questioning whether I should eat it or not but it turned out to be reaaally bomb.

    Tokinbud420 I already got a few pics and some old ones I wanna put up but Im giving it a second thought because it might come back and bite me in the ass. Any ideas?

  11. Uhh idk if you wanna put those pics up that's on you lol
  12. lmfao the title of this thread was soooo enticing rofl....i just had to come here XD

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