So i told my mom

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  1. Well Iv been smokin for about 3 three years since I was 16 and Iv never been super secretive about it I leave my bowls and papers laying around my room and my parents went in to island dyes with me when I got my syn tube.I told them it was for friend and they were like k and didn't really care . But they were always like we don't care if u drink just don't smoke weed and if we catch u were gona kick u out :0 . So last night my dad was at the cabin so it was just me and my mom and I walked in her room and flat out said I smoke She was kinda shocked she didn't freak out she said will I stop I said no lol she said don't bring it in the house witch I dont I keep it in our garage She's not happy but I feel better for sum reason . Idk if this post makes alota since I'm kinda high now lol
  2. Right thing to do man
  3. The whole time I was reading that I was wondering when you where going to talk about selling your mom. Until I looked at the title again, I thought it said "So i sold my mom". lol I'm not even high...

    Good job though, hopefully she'll accept it.
  4. Lol yea I thank it was the best thing to do and lmao that would have been one he'll of post if I sold my mom
  5. Can I buy your mom?
  6. I was in the same boat as Weedidas. Not even high and I read the title as "I sold my mom". Ha.
  7. dude you pimping out your mom? damn son, respect...can i have a free ride?
  8. when i told my dad i smoked, he let me and my friend smoke a joint in our kitchen and made us food afterwards hahah. it was pretty awesome.
  9. Telling my parents I blazed when I was 14 was the biggest mistake I've ever made. They haven't trusted me since and they think all I do is sit around and smoke weed, which isn't true. Hopefully your parents are more understanding...

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