So I think im in love but im not sure...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Thchill, May 21, 2010.

  1. My ex and I mutually broke up about a month ago.

    She wanted to end it cause I slept with one of her friends, and I wanted to end it cause shes a drug addict.

    Since then, ive fooled around, I even tried being in another small relationship, and I just CANT stop thinking about my ex.

    It hurts, I mean I truly wanted to seperate, I believed it was healthiest.

    but like, I hate the fact that I still love her, and I no longer want to feel hurt. Any advice...
  2. Does she feel the same way about you still? Who knows man, if she does maybe you were ment to be together...

    And what does fooled around mean to you? Make out and grabbed some titties? Or did you go fuck some girls after you 2 split up?

    My advice, if you have fucked some other girls, is to go get the girl you REALLY want back, which tome sounds like that could be your ex. If you HAVEN'T slept with any other girls, that could be all you need. I mean it may sound bad, but you might just need some 'other' poontang!...

    Then again I've never been in love before......

  3. I've fucked other girls since.... I fuked her ex best friend the day we broke up.

    I dont think she likes me the same way i like her, I mean she has hinted that she still has feelings for me. But, I dont think we'll ever be together.

    Shes still doped up constantly, i cant be in that vicious spiral in which opiates consume your soul.

    FUKKK :(

    I just have this feeling in my chest. I wanna like slap her, but kiss her at the same time.
  4. Maybe you want what you can't have? Idk
  5. Whtf, doesn't change the fact that you slept with her best friend.. :rolleyes:

    Get over it.

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