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so I smoked with my teacher tonight...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NickChips, Apr 24, 2010.

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    My old English teacher (who no longer teaches at my former high school), called over me and a few other kids from my graduating class and invited us over for pizza. Now, she was one of my favorite teachers and I was one of her favorite students, so we had some pretty open convo's with her about weed and i knew she had smoked weed before (and was even the beer pong champs of her sorority back in the day!) so I wasn't entirely surprised when she called me before I came over and said "hey do you mind grabbing an eighth for tonite? I'll go half on it". I had been waiting for this moment for years!! So i grabbed the goods and went over (she only lives about 2-3 mins from me). I was there with 3 other friends and my teacher busts out this huge impressive looking stone pipe and i pull out my bubbler and we proceed to light up:smoking:. Eventually her hyperactive kid came home though and we had to resort to taking turns toking in the bathroom until he went to sleep. Then we grubbed on some pizza, watched funny ass shit online and started telling her all the fucked up shit we got away with back in our school days :devious:. Since I only live around the corner, I stayed after the rest left to help clean up and she busted out this awesome bong which was great bc i had brought an extra gram of some dank and then we sat around, started talking about literature, philosophy, etc. She's on some pretty deep shit and is always encouraging me to learn about new things. Plus she can take a mean bong rip :D
  2. depending on what school you went too, i probably know the teacher haha :smoke:
  3. Damn that's kickass man. I always wanted to smoke out my hot ass English teacher.
  4. so...did you seal the deal?:cool:
  5. damnn, i gatta teacher i would like to toke it up with lol thats some badass shitt bro.
  6. haha sorry kooz, but I aint gonna give her up, she still teaches and I dont wanna risk her job.

    And i never said anything about her being hot lol...shes cool as shit though.
  7. Oh oh oh....Nuff said


  8. [​IMG][​IMG]:bolt:
  9. Still a pretty neat experience not a lot of us get to accomplish.
  10. it would have been cooler if u banged her lol
  11. Yes you should have buttsexed her while her kid was in the nextroom, then smoke up the son and have a threesome....ewwww.....what :confused::confused::smoking:
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    :confused::confused: Well, one can dream.... :rolleyes:

    seriously though, buttsexed hahaha

  13. Damn. I as well thought she was hot.

    That kinda ruins it....cause now i'm just picturing you toking up with some ugly ass teacher (which are plentiful in number)

    is she at least decent looking? and how old is she?
  14. Remember now most teachers a pretty ugly thus they are teachers
  15. The fuck is that supposed to mean?

    Yeah, they guy working the customer service desk at your local Bed, Bath, & Beyond is better looking.... give me a break man.
  16. What are you dating a teacher or something?
  17. You dissed his mother, give him a break. He has to defend his mothers looks:laughing:

  18. i loled so hard lol
  19. before you can even speak on looks, as we all now know she's ugly, how old is she!?
  20. hahaha this thread is cracking me up :smoke:

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