So I poo dollared someone yesterday...

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  1. And honestly it was'nt as fun as I thought it would be. Some bigass mexican came by and she hopped off her bike lookin like a motha suckin cave woman and she grabbed that shit. She felt something inside the dollar and she unwrapped it soooo carefully as if there was a fuckin diamond in there or somethin. She found it was shit and she threw it and looked around and looked at me and my friend trying not to laugh. She then took the poo dollar and left. Whata beotch.

    Lesson to be learned: Use a wet sticky shit and make sure that the dollar is mushed in with the shit or else if its a dry shit mexicans will dgaf it and chuck that shit and take yo money ya heard
  2. hahahaha that's some douchebaggetry
  3. I gotta try this....LOL!
  4. Damn son, I just spit my drink out laughing at that. That's some sick shit. Hilarious, though.
  5. i was flyin on a bud brownie too
  6. Thats from workaholics!! Hahah
  7. what's it matter if they take it? are YOU going to take the shit money and put it back in your wallet

    if you do you are dirty dirty dirty
  8. naw i just wanted to poo doller more people...
  9. You sick bastard :eek:
  10. Did you say she took it? What the fuck!
  11. yeah i said that. she probly snorted cocaine off it when she got home too
  12. Was it 1 dollar?

    Wow, some people have no shame
  13. where'd you get the poo?
  14. Mhmmm remind's me of truffle's and i love truffle's.
  15. yeah it was and i know right its almost like they asked for it

    dried up dog poo on the sidewalk. we were hoping to poo dollar the people who walk their dogs and dont clean up after them

    me too dawg :wave:
  16. I might take if vending machine happened to be very closeby.
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    This :smoke:

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