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  1. What do I do now? This is my first time growing so I put 10 bag seeds in wet coffee filters in a plastic bad. I saw root tips coming out of 2 seeds, one was an inch, one was half a centimeter. I put them in plastic cups full of soil I got at a hydroponics store. I watered them and put a fluorescent bulb over them.

    Is there something else I should do right now? should I use fertilizer already. How much water should I give it and how often? when should I start using fertilizer? Should i breath on it?
  2. Yes, you need to read, read, and read some need to know what to do BEFORE you plant any seed. Browse thru the beginner's section and pick up some ideas.
  3. I've been reading germination 420 but I'm paranoid and i think I'm forgetting something. Oh i poked holes in the cups too
  4. yup. read, and be patient. and don't let the haters get you down. :wave:
  5. If the seeds haven't broke surface of the soil yet put a plastic bag over the top to keep the humidity in. You don't need to water too much while they're seedlings, just make sure the soil's damp and leave it alone till it looks dry.
  6. one surfaced the day I planted it, I'm so excited! As soon as i got home i checked it and it's an inch tall. I guess I'll put a bag over the other one.

    Ok heres my set-up. i have a fluorescent light about a foot and a half off the ground and the entire thing is surrounded by cardboard wrapped in tin foil. if i keep my windows open should there be enough ventilation? should I invest in a fan or two? when does it start to smell? i want to get a carbon filter but i have to wait for my next paycheck. I might get some CO2 but is there any dangers I should know about

    also I have one nice green plump seed still wrapped in paper. I'm really hoping I get to plant it. but theres these green stains on the paper towel all around it, and not on any others, does that mean anything? Also are certain seeds more likely to become female based on color or anything.

    if theres a thread about any of this, a link would be awesome.
  7. If the seeds are white, grey, green, they arent the seeds u want to be planting. The best ones are the brownish ones with the tiger stripes. And no, the color doesnt have nething to do with the sex.
  8. Ok, so heres some pics. the first one is the day the first one sprouted, kinda hard to see, these are camera phone pics. the second is all my plants. the plastic bag one are a day old and the other two are 3 days old. I just put a fan on the two to strengthen the stems, when the others sprout ill buy another. I know these don't show or mean much, but I just enthusiastic.

    by the way the stem on the left one is bending left then back up like a lighting bolt. i figured its no big deal.

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  9. lower your light to about 2 inches from the plant and definitely invest in a fan, i got my at walmart for 12 bucks. i am sure you could cruse craigslist from something cheaper if need. try to utilize the search function on clist and different phrasing yields more results. craigslist is the broke growers mecca. also be prepared to give 1 plant 100w actually lighting. many times conpact flourecense advertise the "equivelent" voltage and not actual. make sure they say daylight (6500k) and not "warm light" (2700k). these are preferable for the vegetative growth, and the latter for flowering. READ LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER!!!! i am no expert, but the information i just spit out was ONLY stuff i have read on here :)gc_rocks:) that has been overwhelmingly confrimed. best of luck to ya man, it is extremely freeing to grow something so satisfying, stay possitive and attentive!:hello::hello::smoke:
  10. ya I mentioned that i got a fan. its a 6" p.o.s that i clipped to my window sill above the set. I'm gonna buy another when the others sprout. also i lowered the light.

    it's 6700K and 2ft long at $29. I thought it was a good buy but i don't know.
  11. Dude I think you are trying to run when you should be crawling still. You should be looking into CO2 at the moment. It is pricey and would cost more then your entire set up you currently have. Also get rid of the tin foil it isn't helping you out at all but just hurting you. Seeds are not more likely to become female based on color. Someone has already told you about the seed coloring info so I will leave that out. To receive female seeds you breed a hermied female plant into a regular female plant and the results would be feminized seeds. If you have money to invest in CO2 like you where planing I would reccomend investing in some better equipment for your grow. For example maybe a MH/HPS Light Combo and a nice Inline Exhaust fan as well as a tent if possible. If you shop smart you could get all of that stuff for a reasonable price. If you are interested I could hook you up with a few links where I purchase my stuff from. Also something you must go buy is a method testing ph. I like a good digital meter and would reccomend one to you as you will be doing this quite frequently. Ph is how Alkaline and Acidic your water and soil is and involves proper nutrient uptake. You asked when it starts to smell well that generally is in flowering but I have had a plant or two that has smelled in veg. I thought I may of saw in another post on this thread you mention feeding them nutrients. At this point I would read you bag and it may say it has enough nutrients provide for a certain ammount of time. I know in my soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forest) I do not feed my plants anything until after 30 days with the exception of Organic Vitamin B1. :wave:

    For now here is some general reading information for you

    Here is a training method to look at after reading up on this stuff above
  12. i say scrap that floro tube. get the compact fluorescent lights, ( the small spiral ones that fit into any basic light socket). Your gonna want the 6500k ones to veg your plant, and the 2700k ones to flower. These can be bought cheaply at Lowes or Home Depot. Be prepared to have atleast 100w per plant. Which is gonna be close to 4 of the 23watters. Also your question about nutes. Your not gonna need nutes until a few weeks into veg stage. Start out with 1/4 the recommended does on the bottle then slowly increase it. Your first grow is gonna be a learning grow by trial and error. You'll learn from your mistakes in this grow so i wouldnt expect anything spectacular. But the best info i can give you is read read read. look at other peoples grows and learn from their mistakes. You WILL hit some bumps in the road. but hey we gotta start somewhere. this is just a basic outline pretty much with nothing in detail. ill post a link to a good cfl guide. and i recomend checking out the absolute beginners thread.

    good luck.
  13. o and all that info i got from just reading. I havent even started my first grow cause im still getting things in the right condition. i just dont want to jump into and later be rushing things and end up with a shitty plant and a waste of time.
  14. here is a link to a cfl guide. i would read it and re-read it several times. Kamel's CFL Guide
  15. Ya I plan to get a lot next week land The hydroponics store I go to Has a sweet HPS light for $100 which is cheaper then 4 fluoros

    OK, I'm unsure what kind of light i have. most of the info is in french:confused:.
    Color temp: 6400K, initial lumens:2280. is this a good light for a veg

    @Organics finest. I had never heard anything about reaction to certain light colors. I'll search around but do you have any link to a topic on the subject?

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