so i ordered seeds....hmm

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  1. hi guys this ie my very first post on this site. I have two quick questions i just ordered caramelicious seeds from to the united states.

    question 1: is that site credible?
    Question 2: how is that strain has anyone heard of it?\
    question 3: can i get in trouble for ordering them? will they get confiscated by customs?

    thanks for your help guys...
  2. The site is completely legit, as are all those in the ´Dam. I have ordered from them a number of times, the order has been delivered promptly. If they say they have a certain strain I am sure they do.
    But they cannot be held responsible for your country´s customs service.
  3. Hey bro - getting seeds in the mail should be the least of your concerns when it comes to security and being taken down.

    Obviously, never have seeds sent to your grow ... send them to a friend if you can

    If your seeds are detected by customs they will simply pull them and re-tape the item (the dreaded 'green tape')...which, if yours comes that way then you'll know the seeds were taken.

    Not much to worry about when it comes to seeds.... it's more what you do with them and how you handle the grow which will put you at risk of being popped.

    Good luck

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