So I might have some bad karma coming my way

Discussion in 'General' started by trixx, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Well, some of you may know that tropical storm Fay hit the south eastern stats a couple days ago.

    Well I was at a local shopping center just chillen with some friends trying to find a place to go. (The shopping mall is about 3 miles from my house). Its really cloudy and stuff cuz of the storm coming.

    When all of a sudden I see a sweet Lotus with the top off :eek:. If you know anything about Lotuses, they have a hard top roof that is removable. Well, the car has no trunk so you cant carry the top with you.

    The lotus had its top off and was cruising around the mall. It starts to drizzle so me and all my friends get in our cars and head off to my house cuz we didnt want to get stuck in the storm. So we are all pulling out of this shopping mall when the Lotus pulls up behind me. I was thrilled. :rolleyes:

    As soon as we had left the parking lot it had started to POUR. It was raining so hard i couldnt hardly see the road. And when i looked in my rear view mirror i couldnt resist. I drove as slow as humanly possibly. It was a 2 lane road so the lotus had no where to go. The guy was getting drenched :devious: . I made a 2 minute drive into about a 10 minute drive.

    The guy was so pissed, :hello: he was honking his horn and flashing his lights for me to go faster. I laughed so hard cuz he pulled into my neighboorhood and pulled into some random persons garage to get out of the rain. Needless to say i nearly pissed myself i was laughing so hard.

    EDIT: Don't worry it wasn't the really nice lotus exige. It was just the Elise

    So i guess i had better lay low and do some good deeds untill this bad karma goes away.
  2. Wow man, you truly are a dick... congratulations but I am fresh out of ribbons.
  3. dude u are a dick

    i prolly would have done some asshole shit like that though
  4. hahhaha thats funny shit
  5. Lame ass thing to do...

    But what a pussy, he drives a Lotus and couldn't muster up the balls to pass on a 2 lane? Should've been easy with a car with that kind of juice.
  6. lmao

    that's funny as fuck. :D
  7. 1. If he can afford a lotus he can afford to get it dried out.
    2. That's harsh but damn funny.:D
  8. Imagine how much it'll cost to replace all that (assumed) leather. :(
  9. how the fuck does the amount of money he has have ANYTHING to do with his ability to get dry?

  10. money buys everything dont ya know?
  11. it was probably the bad karma that was going his way.
  12. You're a strait up bitch.
  13. haha word, if i was that guy i woulda zoomed right the other way, so wait there is no where to carry the roof on the car?
  14. thats lame dude..
  15. haha i would done the same thing, so i can see the car and shit
  16. Hilarious...

    Would suck to be that other guy though. Even if you hadn't slowed him up, his shit would have still have got soaked.
  17. dude , you think like me
  18. that sounds tempting only because he was parading around in a flashy car.
  19. first of all this jackass knew a hurricane storm was coming, its his own stupid ass fault for drivin around trying to show off his lotus without the top on it

    and if he can afford a lotus chances are he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so good for you for raining on his parade for once, literally haha
  20. Or maybe he can afford it from hard work? :wave:

    Hate to say it, but if it was downpouring like it was here on wednesday, that car is likely to need thousands in repairs and still will have problems.

    On wednesday i went to a doctors appointment, came out 35 min late, and the parking lot was flooded. It was up to the bottom of doors on cars. This one woman opened her door and water just flooded out. Thank god i have a truck and it wasnt even up to the exhaust.
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