So I met Mick Thomson last night....(Slipknot guitarist) Fans check this out

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  1. I'd heard from a friend that hed be at cascio music in Waukesha....(for those of you from WI)

    There wasnt alot of people there....I mean sure the room was full, but not the Packed in to the point of suffocation attendance that usually happens at slipknot events. He was kind of how I expected him, Really chill and humble, It was tight because he wasnt just playing for an hour and a half (although thats what most people there wanted.) He talked and answered questions, and gave some sweet tips on the guitar. He was also showing off the MTM1 a guitar Ibanez had custom made to his specs. Yeah and he showed us how to play certain songs, he did "surfacing". And a couple songs off "The Subliminal Verses."

    (looks like this, actual size, sorry lol, Notice the "SEVEN" on it, maggots know what im talking about.)


    He talked all about how to picking the right guitar for the sound you want, and how to do it. At the end he signed some autographs, I got my potleaf hat signed, Which was sweet. I'd post a pic but I lost my cam. When I find it though I will.

    Hes got a few more dates to perfom so be sure to look through this article about it,

    <TABLE height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=RedHeader>SLIPKNOT'S MICK THOMSON SHARES GUITAR SECRETS - 4.25.2006</TD></TR><TR><TD class=px10grey vAlign=top>Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson is setting out on a 5-city guitar clinic tour, during which he hopes to create an intimate setting for interacting with his fans, as well as unveiling his new custom-designed Ibanez MTM1 Mick Thomson Signature electric guitar.

    The MTM1 was custom designed to Mick's exact specifications, including his choice of pickups, strings and bridge (and it's a beauty, too, see link below!). The guitar arrives from the factory in Mick's preferred tuning of C# with a dropped B.

    The clinic tour, which starts in Wisconsin and ends in California, will allow Mick to
    show fans some of Slipknot's signature riffs as well as answer questions and sign autographs for all in attendance.

    Says Mick of the clinic, "It's not just for the virtuosos out there and it's not going to be an hour of showing off licks. I'm hoping it's helpful to players and non-players alike."

    All clinics start at 7:00PM and the dates are as follows:

    May 1st - Cascio Music, Waukesha, WI (262) 513-8320
    May 3rd - Alpha Music, Virginia Beach, VA (757) 486-2001
    May 5th - Musician's Discount, Miami, FL (305) 255-9466
    May 8th - Hermes Trading Co., San Antonio, TX (210) 348-7225
    May 10th - Instrumental Music, Ventura, CA (805) 654-9388

  2. emg's kick ass. i wondered why their wasnt a tone knob but then i saw its in drop B.

    cant really get much tone from that tuning can you? haha nice.
  3. Its nice, i used to love micks guitars and all.....

    But i realized the only B.C. Rich guitars that are any good to play are the high ends and customs. And the only Ibanez Signatures that arent above $550 arent as good as another brand would be.

    But I play ESP :D so im extremely biased and have been babied by my nice neck-thru axe.

    My band just put up a recording actually, it isnt the best quality but meh.
  4. all i can say is nice

    i used to be a huge maggot when iowa and thier self titled came out

    i dont really listen to them that much anymore but im watchin the disasterpieces dvd right now :cool:

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