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So I made my girl bleed

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Buzzard, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. It's not her period or close to it and it's not like I ripped her open. I think it was because she wasn't really too wet and we were fucking really hard.

    Has this ever happened to anyone before?
  2. I've heard of it before........ Invest in some decent lube.....

    Some places don't need lesions.....
  3. It happens. Spotting happens often due to a number of thing including stress, diet, and having "rough" sex. Just use more lube next time, and dont rush into penetrating her.. make sure she is nice and wet before you enter, and this problem wont happen again.
  4. hit the gym

    get a tan

    have tons of money

    you will never have this problem again
  5. first time i had sex i made the girl bleed pretty badly.. it was both of our first times. It was prolly because it was her first time and all that.. she wasnt in pain.. just really embarrassed
  6. i bet she was spotting or something... i have had the same shit happen... i SERIOUSLY doubt u fucked her so hard that she bled... i mean there are chicks that have fucked 100 guys in one day (in like those crazy marathon porns) and they never bleed..a pussy is pretty damn durable man...
  7. The second time me and my girl had sex I made her bleed.
  8. all those guys wear condoms, and lube is used as needed

    and its not really fucking her hard, but if she isn't turned on and wet it can cause tearing, especially if the dude is wearing a condom when it happens
  9. Never had the problem. My girls always get wet.:cool:

  10. eh u may be right...

    but unless he was doin some pretty crazy shit i still find it hard to believe her pussy actually "ripped" and bled... i think she would DEFINITELY know if her pussy ripped open :) IMO

    like i said prolly spotting...if not u are the first guy i have ever heard of to actually fuck a pussy till it bleeds :eek:
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    it happens, and is totally real. just google vaginal tearing or tearing vaginal lining or something like that.

    edit: http://www.marriagebuilders.com/graphic/mbi5049a_qa.html

    scroll down to the primary cause

    I know its not like a doctor site or anything, but just the first example I found of it

  12. 'nuff said

  13. haha you're oh so funny :rolleyes:

    She always gets wet for me she just wasn't as wet as she normally is.

    She thinks it might have been because I could have made her nuvaring rub against her walls pretty hard
  14. It happens. Sometimes during a long fuck, my gf just dries up (for lack of a better term) which can cause this.
  15. I have done it but I was really blasting her..
  16. My girl has the Nuva Ring and that shit never happen to us. Just go down on her for hours and then rock that shit. LOL!:D
  17. Hasn't happened to me yet, and I'm hoping it doesn't.
    My girlfriend is anemic.
  18. ive done it, i dont know if she wasnt wet enough (she was always self conscious and it took away from the fun) or because i kept hitting the back of the garage with the benz.
  19. While me and my ex were rolling before, I fucked her so hard she started bleeding....never done it sober..
  20. If you're fucking someone so hard they bleed, you might want to re-think your technique. That just sounds awful.

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