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So I just wrote my first college paper high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PriMo XVII, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. and I honestly don't know if it was awesome or terrible.

    All I know is that it wasn't death to actually sit down and write it. I was just kinda goin at it.

    Anyone else write/do homework high?
  2. No if i were you i would get high and just skip the homework
  3. Yeah dude.

    just blow off life and get high

    It's not like I'm trying to help my future or anything

    I'm down for getting high but I have to do my work.
  4. I did last night and I'm positive it sucked.
  5. [quote name='"metalplusweed"']No if i were you i would get high and just skip the homework[/quote]

    Ladies and Gentleman, this man is why you, as a marijuana smoker, get a bad rep.

    [quote name='"PriMo XVII"']
    I'm down for getting high but I have to do my work.[/quote]

    Thank you.
  6. I get high for calculus homework and occasionally when I have shit due for writing class. It kind of depends on what the homework is though. Physics for example is way too complex to handle when stoned.
  7. If its more psychological, and philosophical, then writing papers high can be easier. If its math related and involves using numbers, math becomes difficult.
  8. nahh but i just finished writing two pages for my English class and I'm currently smoking right now :)
  9. Back in high school I would love writing for English class baked, but math sucked... Luckily senior year I didn't take math :smoke:
  10. My mum is a school teacher and i help her during reports time to mark and write report notes ect. This mid year i did the whole thing high because i could not get motivated ended up getting it done so quickly.

    Looked over it the next morning and it was all correct. Not one thing wrong.

    Just my story :)
  11. Dont do math high.
    I smoked before a test, thought it was cake; usually im the first to leave but this took me the whole class and then some.
    Its not worth it. You might think your OK because you studied math or did the HW while high; NO.
    Im actually writing a paper now, while high as heck; kinda the only thing keeping me awake during this all nighter actually. As long as I keep puffing and don't crash...
    Usually I stress about my papers, take forever to write them, forever editing them until the day they're due, etc; when I do them stoned Im usually OK with my end product (no stress) and just leave it and forget about it. And the grades from stoned or sober papers are all the same.
  12. Real men write things after taking unmentionables.
    ...I'm pretty sure that's what all the greatest writers did.
    I could be wrong.
  13. Read back over it. I have written a few papers stoned. Some come out awesome! Others come out with spelling mistakes and off track... I find doing calculus and physics high is a lot of fun, but that is my forte, english and history I tend to do high cuz otherwise I fall asleep...
  14. I get high for calculus homework. History is interesting to do high but things take 10x longer to read
  15. I do my homework then get high to reward myself
  16. does anyone study high?

    I Feel like this would be enjoyable, but a terrible idea because you'd forget it all.

  17. I think he was saying he would not get high and do homework, because he would just straight up not do it.
  18. I studied in ethics high, primarily because this class took up the longest time studying, and I did fine. I knew it all. The only reason I didnt ace the class is because on one test I was a bit too narrow minded in my answer (free response essays) and didn't include everything I had studied and memorized, but rather what I thought would answer the question.

    I enjoyed it. The short term memory farts helped my long term because I had to go back to something over and over before understanding it, all the while storing the info read. And it was actually entertaining and somewhat thought provoking rather than boring me to sleep. I don't think anyone would really forget too much, given that they put the time in to study. Really the only thing I'd say to watch out for is that narrow-mindedness if you have open answer, essay length, questions. MC, fill in, short answer, matching, etc I think would be fine to have been studied for high (it is for me, so far. Haha)

    Depends person from person, probably.
  19. Me personally I can't do it. I mean, I can do it, but I'll kill my high with it and it makes studying and concentrating more difficult.

    I did however take an adderall pill earlier this night...that's another story

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