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So I just put an order in for the most $ I've ever spent on weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wallyspam, May 12, 2011.

  1. Ive never spent $50 on one order before. Its always been $20 or $40. I never can remember prices/sizes but Im getting an 1/8 for $50 is that good? And I cant find like a picture reference showing how much pot 1/8 looks like.
  2. That seems a tad expensive for me, it could just be where I am, but 45$ is tops i'll go for an 1/8th, unless its like the dankest, kine bud i've ever encountered. Make sure he weighs it out to at least 4 grams for that much money.
  3. 50-60 for an 1/8th is normal here so it just depends on where you live


    In before "you're a baller now", "your mom and dad raise your allowance" and "trying to be one of the big boys now"
  4. Yea, $45 for an eighth of MIDS. I wish I could find a plug that would give me an eighth for $45 of DANKS.

    $50 for an eighth of CHRONIC is a gool deal. Most people pay $60 for an eighth of chronic, I wouldn't pay that much though. The general price for an eighth is between $50-$60 so the guy isn't ripping you off.

    Ask him to weigh it out in FRONT of you, an eighth is 3.5 grams.
  5. where are you guys from? I'm just curious, Just a state is fine.
    I'm from Oregon!
  6. Better make sure it's good shit.

    You sound like the kid that gets sold an eight of mids for fifty and says thank you.
  7. no no no no rofl 45 for mids gets MOST people at least a quad.... 50/8th is pretty standard nationwide....
  8. Ordering? What state you in?
  9. As long as it's $10 a gram, enjoy it.
  10. wow your weed is expensive
  11. actually, i was gonna say that. i was gonna say $45 will get you like a quarter of mids, more than an eighth. ahh
  12. An 1/8th of what? If its mids WHERE I LIVE thats expensive, for loud it can be 50-60. Hope this helps im in SC!
  13. In SC eighths of dank are typically $60.

    Mids generally $25. Fuck this piece of shit state.
  14. In Georgia mids are generally 35 bucks for a quarter, and dank is about 110 a quarter.
  15. woah, ur mids are hella cheap and ur dank is a little higher than wat i pay lol, weird
  16. I'm in Eugene, OR. I never even knew what mids meant until i met a kid from Indiana, that doesnt really exist here. Its all pretty much top shit, and i just paid 60 for a quarter of blue dream.

  17. If it isn't delivered in 30 minutes is it free?
  18. WOW $50 for an eighth? In BC I have a deal for a quarter(7g) of high mids for $45.
    where I am its:
    $30 = Eighth of mids
    $35 = Eighth of High mids
    Unless its good dank, your paying too much imo.
  19. Mr. niceguy's prices r the norm for the us
  20. Seems expensive. I usually get half O's for $100 and tonight I got 10 grams for $60. Maybe I just have a generous dealer, but it seems high to me.

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