So I just had an interesting experience..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by keno, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. So I just went home to visit my parents for a few days and one way or another during lunch I got around to talking to my mom that I've had some pretty bad trouble sleeping lately (due to the tolerance break I started a littler over a week ago; I obviously didn't tell her that's why, she doesn't even know I smoke).

    So before she's heading off to bed tonight she comes up to me and says, "So I have an idea for some alternative medicine that would help you get to bed tonight."

    I leaned over and said, "Hot milk and whiskey?" (an age old family sleeping remedy)

    She replied, "I was thinking more along the lines of some green."

    I just sat there for a few seconds trying to think what she could possibly mean... Then I realized she was talking about weed. I was shocked. I told her about my tolerance break and everything and she was like, "Well if you want I have some, it always helps me sleep if I'm having trouble."

    And that was the entire conversation. I'm still a little speechless. Anyone else had anything similar happen to them?
  2. i only wish man
  3. way cool man
  4. that would be so tight haha - i cant even imagine
  5. The really weird part is that she acted like the entire ordeal was no big deal. I guess she sees me as an adult and an equal now... I'm still very shocked by the whole experience, but I guess it's cool. I always knew she used to smoke in college but we had never discussed her past/present usage and/or my past/present usage.
  6. Bro tell me she hooked you up!
  7. thats really cool man cherish that moment not everyone gets to experiance that.
  8. thats very cool man
  9. dude thats awesome. omg i wish my mom was chill with pot.
  10. +rep for cool moms
  11. That's awesome....i wish my mom still smoked......but at least she's still cool with it lol.

    As someone else said, cherish that moment.....and +REP for your mom...and you lol
  12. man I read about all these bomb stories like that.. and I never experience one. props to you haha
  13. I would love that, even more so if my dad would smoke with me. I know he used to be a big drug dealer when he was younger and living in LA.

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