so i just got out of the hospital

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  1. the title says it all i was on the run from the police for stealing beer from a store and i ran into some bushs and when they caught me in the bushs they pinned me down kneeing me in the face and they draged me on my face across the ground by my cuffs i was on the ground and i never moved for like ten minutes.

    they then proceeded to stuff me in the cruiser when i "came too" i was trying to kick the windows out of the cruiser, but anyways after they took me to the hospital all broken up.
    pretty fucked up and i live in rural newfoundland canada where you wouldnt expect such police brutality to happen, just thought i would share this with my fellow blades
  2. lol someone else posted this story like two days ago and said the kid was thirteen so id be willing to bet...
  3. who said i was 13?
  4. threads I read An news reports I read all said you were 13... I couldnt think of any other explanation why some on would steal beer except for being 13..
  5. i may be high but i think there was a post about some 13 year old kid doing the shit that the OP described. so this is a hilarious thread
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    that would mean he was 9 when he joined gc
  7. lol okay there are two explanations here

    A) He was 9 when he joined GC unlikely....

    B) He Is lying about the whole hospital thing & thought this would be cool... More likely :smoke:
  8. ?.....:confused:.....?

  9. Sounds to me like he just read the other story and thought it would be cool to take credit.
  10. what state do you leave in?
  11. He just thought it would be cool to take credit I think. This thread is copy.pasted, but with the "he"s turned into "I"s
  12. So he just took credit not cool... why would you wanna take credit for stealing beer?? & not even getting away

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