So I Just Found Some Coke...

Discussion in 'General' started by flower_child, May 31, 2006.

  1. Well, I was walking down the street, when i noticed a little baggie of a moist, white(a little yellow spot too) powder. I brought it home, took it out to dry, and rubbed some of it in my mouth after it dried. It definetly numbs my mouth. So....should I just go for it and sniff it? Is there any other way to be absolutly sure it's coke? It has a very nasty taste btw.
  2. Dude fuck that throw that shit out
  3. if its just a little bit .. just get rid of it and go buy your self an 8ball
    better safe then sorry :)
  4. do a bump of it.

    you'll know if it's coke or not from a bump.
  5. It's about a line and a half.
  6. hell yea dude, snort that shit up. Coke when u first start doing it, most people dont like the taste at all, it grows on you though, but ever since ive done blow i LOVE the taste of it, its sooooo good tasting, yours is most likely cut with baking soda and is sour tasting, maybe. But yea man, snort it!
  7. dude what is up with the prevalence of these threads? who the fuck is leaving coke around?
  8. i wouldnt even stop to pick it up.. u dont fuck with powder on the side of the road in miami.
  9. hell yea scoobs, everyone loves to find this shit haha. I dont know whats up with dealers just like leaving it around hoping to get unsuspecting 14 year olds addicted to coke lol.
  10. Same here. But knowing the road that I found it on, the chances that someone was getting pulled over and threw it are very good.
  11. Id do it up. But thats just me...
  12. I did a bump. It's coke alright. Thanks for the help.

  13. free coke FTW
  14. haha exactly

    i probably would have tried to "give it to a friend" or something tho......kinda sketch finding some coke on the side of the road
  15. ewwwww, you gotta be a dirty hick to bust that shit
  16. wats the worst that could
    happen snort that snow
  17. I'd sell that shit.
  18. Yeah exactly. Where's my free bag of coke?
  19. I once came across one of those gallon ziplocks filled about an 8th of the way up that was mashed out flat enough to make it fill half the bag

    made nothing of it just walked on by came back the same way later that night after it had rained to find it had that swishy snakey dissolving thing coke does going on

    back then I had no idea it meant I fucked up but looking back I can safely say it was a shitload of decent albeit ground dirty coke in a big ass baggie

    for all I know picking it up would have killed me based on thinking a rail is like 2 grams lol

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