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  1. Ok so ive been with my lovely fiance now for over 2 years, i live her at her house, her parents are pretty much my parents. We all get along and everythings great, Her dad hides the fact we smoke from her mother and all that good stuff so were in good with pops if you get my drift.

    Now the advice i need is how am i to ask her dad for permission to marry his daughter? Does anyone have any clever advice or any suggestions or maybe what you did?

    Were both adults im 21, and she's 20. Her parents know were both very much in love, and support the fact that we plan to move to portland, oregon in september of this year

    BTW - We wedding date, april 24th 2010, bachelor/bachellorette party in amsterdam 4 days before the wedding :smoke:

    Anyways, back to advice, im high and rambling, the only thing ive got so far is...

    Im not gonna do it high
    Its gonna be alone, like not alot of people around(thats just impolite)

    and thats about it, thanks all :)
  2. Just say that you plan on marrying his daughter and that u would like to have his blessing to do so. yeah do it when u two are alone thats probly best. anyway... good luck. and i hope it goes well
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    It's a cordial situation, so definitely make first impressions a top priority, even though you know her Dad quite well. Say, "Sir" and be as polite as you possibly can when asking him and it will give off a much better vibe, if you will.

    I have many strategies laid out in my head if you need them, I nearly asked my Ex-Fiance's Dad for his blessing before she bailed. That can be both really good and really bad in certain respects.


    ALSO! Be happy and seem happy when you're talking to him. You do not want to approach your future Father In Law looking as solemn and nervous as you would if you were breaking the news to him that his Mother died. Be cheerful, relaxed, but polite at the same time and everything will go great.
  4. you're both adults, you don't need anyone's perimission for anything

    well, unless he's paying for everything. then by all means, shine his shoes and lick his asshole
  5. It's usually dependant on the person and family tradition, Chaohinon.

    These days, it's far from typical for people to ask the Father's permission for his Daughter's hand in marriage, but it was done quite a bit back in the day.
  6. Yeah, me and her father are pretty cool, and honestly in my opinion it would be more disrespectful not to ask him, and just assume its ok. i mean see it from his eyes, its his baby girl he raised his whole life, and now hes trusting her with someone else, ya dig?

    Good strategies Durchii, appreciate it much, anyone else have an opinion on the matter
  7. My sisters husband asked my dad out for lunch one day and asked him there.
  8. Tell him how you really feel about his daughter, don't hold back because you don't wanna sound like a sap (or pussy, or however you want to put it.)

    It seems like he already knows you two are in love, but if you're gonna ask his permission to marry his daughter, he's gonna want to be assured that you won't break his daughter's heart and get divorced in a year.

    If, he too, is (or at least was) in love with his wife, then by being competly honest and "outgoing" in your conversation will strike a cord in him, and he'll know how it is.
  9. all really great ideas, thanks all. Anyone else?

    I might actually try to go out to lunch with him so thats my plan thus far
  10. ya dude do the lunch thing.

  11. Haha thanks man, I'm super Pumped to move out to Portland, this Northern Va lifestyle is blowin me hardcore, and not in a good way;)

    So we've got lunch plans for monday at AppleBees, should be all good right?
  12. smoke him up one day and ask him.
  13. ya dude we're badass over here. just sayin. i hope your lunch goes well and we expect an update afterwards :wave::bongin:

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