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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by wildren, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. ok essentially ill be a pipe dealer haha!
    so i live in what most would call a "rural" town. roughly 30 thousand strong or so, not a very culturally open mindset when it comes to the community.  a few years back a guy opened up a headshop and the city shut him down within a couple of months.
    i also know of a gas station that was selling pipes and they where forced to stop.
    so with that being said i have ordered a small batch of glass ware (pipes, bubblers, chillums) for a very reasonable price. i intend to sell them for alot more than i bought them and depending on how fast they sold i might expand this enterprise to the web.  sort of start a service where, you could browse my wears online and you could pick them up or be delivered (since the town is so small you can get anywhere in town with in 15 mins). does anyone have any idea of the implications or consequences i might have? also if it was profitable enough i was planning on making it official and buy the sales tax license and all that before going online.
    so if the business was not a physical store could the county still have power to drive my store offline? or target me publicly? would be bad for traveling around to pick up my meds :/
    thoughts, ideas?

  2. Well, I wish you well but with my experience with communities like that it they want you shut down you will be shut down and the law be damned. 
  3. yeah im prepared to stay on the blackmarket... this way im not targeted.
  4. Well i dont see how they could legally shut down you or the shops down for that mater, so long as its labled a "tobacco" pipe etc then despit it clearly being BS they cant do shit. The only problem is even though it isnt tobacco you need to be 18 to buy tobacco products so i should assume youd need to be properly lisenced to sell them, atleast where i live. Goodluck though, back when i was in school i was one of the only people with a debit card and paypal so ide buy cheap pipes, papers and grinders and sell them off for almost double the price :smoke:
  5. sounds good OP If you're committed enough go through with it and best of luck.

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