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So I have this friend...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tvayumat, May 24, 2010.

  1. I was recently approached by a friend of mine regarding him starting a grow operation. He smokes legally with a card, and has several others willing to sign him on as primary care giver, so he can grow something like 20+ plants. The only issue is that he is working a crap job right now and really stuck financially, so wanted to know if I could maybe help him out getting started. He needs a total of around $1,600 dollars, and I was thinking of sending $1,300 his way as my "investment"

    Let me say that I trust this man with my life. We have been best friends for 14 years, we joined the blue lodge of masons together, he drove me to the hospital when I broke my arm and messed up my face then waited there with me and even called my parents to let them know what happened, and he is the guy who got me high the very very first time. He has been toking a LONG time, and has grower friends, so I trust he will do all needed research etc to make it work.

    He says he expects to be able to pay me back within six months, and we have kicked around the idea of me taking a portion of the profits. This is my question, does it seem reasonable, for the amount of money I am effectively investing into this venture, that I be entitled to a portion of the profits in the future?

    He will be legally growing somewhere in the area of 20 plants, and selling primarily to dispensaries and card carriers (and the occasional discreet friend). But I'm not sure how much money that will realistically pull in.

    Damn I'm baked, I'm not sure if all that made sense. Questions? Comments?
  2. It sounds solid, and if I had a friend that I trust like that legally growing, I'd jump on it and help him out. But with one condition: get it in writing.
    Figure out how much money you're going to get per how much he makes, for what amount of time.
    If I were writing the contract, I'd say something like "Tvayumat gets 15% of my profits [gross or net, idk which is best here], until he has acquired 500% of the money he invested initially.
  3. Does anyone know what sort of profit margin to expect off of 20 plants? Because I have no idea.
  4. Depends on the yield of the plants...Assuming at least 20 plants will at least harvest a oz per plant...20oz of pot. So over a lb easy with 20 plants..He should pay you off the first harvest...then just ask him to hook you up with some weed per harvest. No need to greed.
  5. ^^^^^^^

    Some free weed for you every harvest would be a sweet deal..;)

  6. Yeah haha. It's already part of the agreement that I get to partake of his homegrown stuff when I am around.

    I don't want to seem greedy but I mean I AM investing over a grand in this, I feel like I should see some profits on it. Or at least I would like to, I don't think that's greedy.

    Now I don't know. I mean earning some money off the bud is, at this point, just about the only way he has out of this stupid job he has been working for his dad for the last six years, which has been going nowhere, since his dad lost his mind, divorced his mom, and married some whore who is now slowly bleeding him dry, along with my friend's once inheritance. It's the only way he is going to get out of the dead end town he is living in, and on to someplace where he can really flourish. So I mean, I'm going to help him out even if I don't see a dime in return, and I don't want to appear greedy, I just want to know what amount of profit I could reasonably see.
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    I think once you double your investment..just be a good friend and just get some weed from him.

    I honestly think...2000 return and some weed is a fairly good investment..
  8. Whatever happens good luck and update us..curious. Peace bro
  9. I don't want to be the one to say this, but I'm going to anyways. $1300 is a lot to be investing, and would be a big loss if it didn't work out. I've done something very similar, with FAMILY and ended up getting nothing I invested back due to some problems occurring. My mistake was a $230 mistake, I just don't want to see someone make a $1300 mistake. And I've grown up with this person since I've came out of the womb, and they still stabbed me right in the back. The way this world is now, its just too risky to really trust anyone. It wouldn't be nothing for someone to take $1300 and never see you again (Not saying your friend is a bad person).

    Basically, all I'm saying is if you are going to do this, be really careful and watch your friend (as bad as that sounds) let that person know your not bullshitting about your money. People will run over you the first chance they get, survival of the fittest.

    Now if he is willing to let you partake, then you should be fine.

  10. I've already ensured that I can afford to take the hit if I see no return. I would give him the money even if I didn't see a dime, just to see him get on his feet financially.

    And I've already told him that I am going to require an actual notarized contract before any money changes hands. He knows I'm not stupid. He also knows that I would hunt him down no matter where he went if he fucked me over, he's seen me do it before hahaha.
  11. Yeah, I'd do the same for my friends...currently going to get my grow up soon as I get a job again. Finished up college semester and been searching for a few weeks no luck..I wanted to get a job earlier to buy seeds and get a stealth setup going. Will have to hold off for a few more weeks..

    Lol, hunting people down that's awesome.
  12. Well in that case, enjoy the dank trees you will be getting in the near future! Make sure its grown right! :smoke:
  13. Haha yeah, hunting people down is basically what I did for the army, I'm pretty decent at it.

    Job market is dog eat dog these days man, I wish you luck getting started growing that sweet, sweet green.

    One of the reasons I am more interested in the money than the MJ is because I live in a different state, and in a few years I am going to live in a different country, so I'll only be able to smoke with him on the rare occasion I am in town.

    I'd like to know what sort of money he will (potentially) be pulling in annually so I can determine a reasonable amount for myself.

    EDIT: In about five years I will (with luck) be living nearby again, so I will reap the benefits one day, just not for a while.
  14. Yield isn't about number of plants, it's about the wattage, primarily and the size of the plant. Figure .5 grams per watt used, whatever the number of plants. I use one 600 per plant and I get closer .35, but I dry to an extreme and I keep a few poor yeilders in the mix.

    $1300 could get you several 1k watt lights. Let's say 4, for the hell of it. 4k watts would be, for sake of this disccusion at a slightly idealized (for your first grow unless you're getting it from proven clones with fat yeields) .5 grams per watt yielding 2000 grams per 2 months, that's roughly 4.5 lbs per harvest or 26 lbs per year assuming one light cycle per day and an 8 week flower. This all assumes you have additional equipment, power and room for other plants in vegetation to keep the flowering going without a break. Remember, the power is a BIG part of your investment.

    Figure out the ratio of your investment to yield with this as a guideline. I would absolutely push for a good portion of the first few harvests. If you're not doing any of the labor and your friend truly needs the funding, I'd say ask for at least a half pound maybe even double if you're willing to accept the lower cosmetically less appealing bud.
  15. Yes it is reasonable to expect return on an investment. Your friend should be willing to work something out for the first harvest. After that it depends on your level of friendship, his level of generosity and whether there is still money owed on the original investment.

    I have a friend like the one you described. If we were in the situation we would work it out so that I got a 115-125% return on my investment in the form of buds. After that we'd move on free of the loan. He'd probably continue to show thanks for the original money by cutting me wholesale deals on the harvested product but that would be as much a token of friendship as payment.
  16. You sound pretty damn comfortable with this guy, so go for it. Like it was said before, get it in writing. Have a cheap lawyer draw up the contract, have it notorized, etc.

    Go Masons!

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