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So I Have A Drug Test In 6 hours...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JTyPe247, May 10, 2010.

  1. #1 JTyPe247, May 10, 2010
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    On the spot in court for entrance into a court diversion program (due to a bullshit cannabis charge). Im going to dilute with Q carbo detox, water, asprin, and 2 detox pills, and try my home piss test to see if I pass, if not ill have synthetic piss for backup tucked where the sun dont shine. Obviously im nervous, Id be less nervous if I knew where the test would be administered in the courthouse and if it would be observed or not. If it is, what would be the slickest way to get the synthetic urine in the cup without anyone noticing?
  2. i tell everybody this just get clean piss from a friend your pressed for time though better hurry

    u be aight:smoking:
  3. While I can't answer your question, I can give you the advice you don't want to hear.

    Seriously, bro, if you knew you had an upcoming drug test, why didn't you just quit smoking?

    I wish you the best of luck.
  4. another one bites the dust...

    we will see
  5. How did you get caught in the first place?
  6. Court administered tests are usually observed. Why are you still smoking while you're subject to court mandated tests? Not a very bright move.
  7. Just came back from court, by some wave of good fortune, they postponed my cdp hearing for 40 days, so Ill be clean by then. And btw, to those asking why Im still smoking when I have a test, its because I love herb, duh? I wasnt asking for your personal opinions of my lifestyle; only for advice. So if you didnt have anything to contribute to the thread, no point in posting an irrelevant response.
  8. Good luck, everyones drug test situation is different. Everyones body works differently and not every drug test is the same.
  9. How are you gunna be clean if you love the herb so much?
  10. Nobody passed judgement on you. For my part I just pointed out that if you keep smoking when you know you have a court mandated test it doesn't show good judgement. Good for you if you stay clean in order to pass it so you can get on with your life. Then you can smoke to your heart's content :smoking:

    You asked a question, so expect to get opinions and answers you might not like.

  11. You will just have to find out when you get there....

    sounds like you have everything planned so far, just remain confident and except whatever happens, after all, you were probably told this would all happen when you did have plenty of time to get clean...soooooo be accountable.

    and yeah, you will be very nervous getting there

    and best of luck, hope you make out all right

  12. this :rolleyes:
  13. just be clean for the next one :) gl.
  14. I would think someone probably watches...

    At least when I joined the Air Force they had a dude watch us pee directly in the cups.
  15. Court mandated drug tests are almost always observed, so you're correct.
  16. unless you wanna rig the synthetic to the back of your johnson you just gotta hope you pass the test bro.. shouldn't have baked up knowing you had a court date though:confused:
  17. Be careful, you might hurt his feelings by pointing out how shortsighted it is to risk one's future over a buzz today. He got a little whiney about it when I pointed out that it was a dumb move to smoke when one knows one has a test coming up. I'd hate to see one of us make him cry :(

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