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so i got this pot that...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Savier, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. so i got this pot that has a bunch of orange hairs, smells grassy, and has very small crystal particles. now i found this plant and have been drying and curing it for 2 weeks now, but for some reason it STILL doesnt get the job done that well... could any of you guys help explain why this is?
  2. You found the plant?

    You probably harvested it early. Most resin production in the plant happens in the last couple weeks.
  3. Maybe the weed wasn't as good. And by found you must mean stole. Tisk Tisk
  4. Dunno man, how are you smoking it? How much are you smoking?
    Eating i will get the job done probably!
  5. whatever you got was either harvested wrong or was immature. and remember the plant stems/leaves have very low thc content as compared to the buds itself.
  6. iv known of the plant since the beginning of summer, we got it a couple weeks ago and iv been curing it by hanging the stems with a fan at low at a low humidity area. then trimmed it, and repeated the process..
    i am planning on cooking with it but in the meantime im wanting to smoke a lil of it.. so i roll a J up or smoke a bowl and it doesnt get me high like what a normal J or bowl does..
  7. So by got you mean stole, tisk tisk

  8. hmm..That's drying. Curing is when you put the buds into the jar which is the nest step after drying :laughing:

    and the bud get better the more time there in the jar(s),This is because the plant acids (THCA) are slowly converted into THC, which gets you high~:hippie:
  9. sorry to get that confused. i already dried them and they are currently being cured in 4 mason jars.
  10. Maybe you found hemp and not some killer strain. If it was growing wild thats probobly the case.
  11. sorry to get that confused. i already dried them and they are currently being cured in 4 mason jars.
  12. wasnt grown wild. it was in some guys backyard. over 8 feet tall. this is a 100% sativa dominant
  13. You took some guys 8+ foot tall plant?
    Dick move.
    ...and you don't even know what to do with it...:rolleyes:
  14. Really it was in some guys backyard? Hm i wonder if that guy planted it just maybe so he could harvest and smoke it? I could be wrong but it looks like your a potpirate and ive had my shit stolen twice. We dont like your kind around here.....If you didnt steal it than thats kool or if you want to make up some lie right now about how you didnt steal it thats kool too but stealing is wrong just so you know. Even if you were to clip a few buds off an enormous plant all you have to do is ask.
  15. I always think it's hilarious when someone steals a plant and has no idea what they're doing. Idiots.
    First off, you stole it early, so it's not gonna be worth a damn. Now you don't know how to cure it properly, so it'll probably mold, and it's not gonna be that sweet dank you're after cause it takes a bit of knowledge to make it that way.

    So basically, the only thing you accomplished is that you took some weed out of the world, and no one's even really gonna get to enjoy it that much, when the world could have been blessed w/ a 8 foot tree's worth of good bud, you ruined it.

    I mean, if you saw it, why not go make friends with the guy? Walk up and say...."nice tree ya got there, make sure and hit me up when it's ready to go".

    Then you'd be friends w/ a grower, and you could end up w/ a good hookup for a long time.

    But had to steal it. Shame on you.

  16. :hello:
  17. i'v been a member for a while, and never given out any rep. not once.

    but i just did for mrgoodsmoke.:smoke:
  18. My thoughts exactly. When you know somebody is growing you have power over them. The grower is trapped by knowing your very word could get him busted at any moment. The guy definetely would of offered you some killer bud after harvest if you assured him its kool and you wouldnt tell anyone. Now you chopped his plant early and you have nothing and he has nothing. What an idiotic situation and i know how it feels because this happened to me twice after 5 month vegging periods. This is why i cant stand stupidness, greed, and thievery all wrapped into one act of fear instead of love.
  19. i dunno who said it was picked early.. but it wasnt. this guys backyard is kinda like a small forest. im not sure if it was planted on purpose or not cuz it was near 3 small bushes.
    and thanks but iv actually been drying and curing properly i was just wondering if it still needs curing. its currently in mason jars in a dark place.
  20. I'm pretty sure YOU said it was picked too early.. Remember the reason for the thread? You f'ed up by stealing that and now no one gets to enjoy it.. By two weeks I'd think it would have a little kick to it..

    And are you kidding? "I'm not sure if it was planted on purpose." If it was anywhere near 8 feet tall I'm pretty sure the dude meant to grow it.. You could have been sitting pretty with the dealer, but now you are just up the river with some grass.. Great job on ruining something that someone worked all summer for.. Great job..

    That being said you can cure it all you would like, but it sounds like you are going to still end up with grass because it was picked too early.. Especially if all the hairs are still there.. A lot should have receded before harvest time.. Again great job.. Don't worry karma will come back and kick you for that one.. Have fun..

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