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So i got super high today!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I Love Hashley, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. well today I dont go to school till 10 so I go pick up 2 of my friends and we chilled at my house till school, So i just got off my tolerance break, and my friend had some nug he just got. we had nothing to do so we loaded the bong, i took two good rips then my 3 hit came around and it was huge i coughed and like fainted. not really fainted but I fell back and almost dropped the bong:(. but all in all i was super stoned and i stayed high till about 2 :smoke:

    we are having a nice smoke sesion tommorow, ill post some vids!
  2. word bro i miss those ol' days of blazin b4 high school. get those vids up asap glad u bros had a good time it deff sounds like u did.
  3. hahahah and i was laughing at my art teacher because i was absent the previous day, and she was explaining to me my project. hahahah i was laughing for no reason and everyone started looking at me.

    then i realized i forgot to put in some eyedrops, so i whipped out the rhoto v's and burned the fuck out of my retinas
  4. rotto is where its at bro. shit works fuckin wonders. especially the kind with the silver cap, goddamn.
  5. yeah they work good, i have the sliver ones. is it just me or do they burn like a muthafucka?:eek:
  6. Fucking Real Life Stories You Damn Noobies. lol jp, but seriously try that forum next time.
  7. That's silly, the whole laughing thing. You're a silly guy.
  8. your art teacher probably wants to smoke up before school with you sometime and take off your shirts

    both of um

  9. cool, it would own to have teachers that smoked, i bet my government teacher does

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