so i got my incredibowl mini (m420) today. and this is what i think :]

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by diagnosedashigh, May 19, 2010.

  1. This thing totally caught me off guard. it packs a huge punch for its size.

    as ive read before its harsh and then it gets better with use.

    but its great. idk if i just got a screwed up bowl or not but mines mishappen. if anyone else has a m420 check if your bowl is like mine cause im pretty sure its not suppost to be that way.

    also it came kinda dirty when i got it so i washed out the tube not the other part.

    also is there a way to get like into the metal part because there seems to be ash piling up and fast.

  2. looks cool, post a video hitting it..i want to see how it works
  3. the bowls i got for my i420 are mis shaped like that too idk why
  4. oh good. that its not just me, i feel better now. and ill get a video sometime. also i was worried it would have a metal taste cause of the metal parts and it didnt have it but the bowl did get very harsh at the end
  5. yeah once you get ash sort of built up on the screen it gets better. i usually clean out the screen every other time because it gets to clogged. the only thing i dont like about it is that its hard to pull the bowl out when its pushed down into the bowl armor. the only way to get it out is with a pencil or something
  6. i cant figure out wtf the purpose of it is....anyone care to explain WTF that is....ive heard of them, but no one here in Boulder has one, that i know... and from the looks, its like... I DONT EVEN KNOW WTF

  7. QFT. That always happens with dry screened pieces, first few bowls with a new screen burn pretty bad.
  8. its used to smoke weed my freind:wave:
  9. nice piece! i have the i420 myself so im not sure about how to get into the guts of your piece, but if all else fails and you want a nice clean without a lot of work, i just take the polycarbonate chamber off of mine, take off some of the more slender orings, and let the thing sit in an isopropyl alcohol bath for about 20 minutes. comes out great!
  10. yeah for sure but dont use the salt wtih it. ive heard it just scratches your chamber or tube

  11. duuuuh, it just kinda looks like a glass bowl, in a plastic make shift chillum, i mean whats so seems like it compresses the smoke or something.... but..i dont see the functionality
  12. it was designed for medical patients. idk its basically a steamroller thats really durable and hard to break lol idk im not an expert
  13. yea, im a CO patient and i assume there is a reason i havent heard of them, mostly because they seem to be a money making ploy.... but if it works, money well spent i guess.
  14. i find that it works great. yeah i also dont like how hard the bowl is to grab out i think its def a device that i can probably use for just about forever.
  15. whats the spring load thing for....does the bowl like pop out or something? thats the main confusion i have

    EDIT: like i have a ghetto bong slide thats spring loaded like that so when its kicked you push down on the sides and it dumps the ash out by itself, terrible design but, is that the function, cause after i realized it looks like the slide, something clicked
  16. yeah its actaully pretty fuckin cool the hits are smooth. its hard to corner the bowl tho cuz u cant see it when ur lighting it
  17. yeah you basically pull the green part and it acts as a carb. and ive heard people who have i420's have a harder time lighting there bowls because its only a small part of the back piece. but on the m420 its simple u basically put the flame anywhere its almost guarenteed its the bowl.
  18. the spring doesnt touch the bowl like that kid said its the carb
  19. uhhh so its a chillum, thats harder to smoke out of.... with a carb
  20. Post the milkiest vid you can. ^_^

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