So I got arrested tonight...

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    PIcked up a half O from a friend, turns out cop was in the same parking lot and noticed the transaction. Pulled me over about a mile up, asked to search the car, found the weed, then arrested me, took me to the county police station and asked me a bunch of questions.

    Then I was taken to a holding cell and waited in there for 6 hours. Got my papers which said I was charged for possession of marijuana. Then saw some bitch lady commissioner where she gave me a court date for next week.

    I was told by the cop at the county police station that what would happen is since I have never been arrested or had any charges against me they would drop the charges and make me go to some class and just make sure I don't get caught for the next year and my record would be clean.

    Anyone ever had something similar happen to them? How was the outcome? I really hope everything is dropped against me, I mean i've never been arrested or been in any trouble with the law.
  2. How did your dealer not notice a cop car in the parking lot?
  3. that sucks. sounds like they where watching your friend. Your story is excatly why i hate buying outside. Youll be fine there gonna slap your wrist and waste some tax payers dollars.

  4. Hmm I could be wrong but isn't your record whiped clean of small charges like that when your 18?
  5. I just gotta keep my parents from finding out. Which I think should be doable since I think they just make do those stupid classes and wipe my record.

  6. True, but i'm 20.
  7. True but your 20? the makes no sense
    But why did you let them search your car?
    You can say no Ive done it with no problems
  8. Your record isn't cleared twice my underage friend.
  9. youve said no and they didnt search your car?
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    No I didnt have anything to hide either I jsut was sick of these cops harassing me in a certain town out in St. Louis
    I don't know Canadian law but I know my US amendments

  11. Most likely it will happen like this;

    You will go to court on the court date
    They will charge you a fine for possession, mine was $50
    Then they will probably give you the option to;

    A- Do nothing and live with the misdemeanor on your record
    B- Give you the option of doing community serve to expunge it
    C- Give you the option to PAY for classes to expunge it, mine was another $50

    I live in California, so if you reside in another state it may be slightly different. From what i've heard though most states do it this way, with slight differences on the prices.

    Good luck man, the classes aren't even bad.

  12. That sucks. Take something away from it though so it's not a total waste: Be more careful. In thirty years I've never come close to being busted, and that includes back when I was moving pounds.
  13. i narrowly avoided arrest tonight :hello:

  14. Thanks man, thats what I wanted to hear. My friend got arrested for the same thing, so i'm gonna call him today and see what exactly happened since it was in the same state and county as me. I think I remember him saying he took those classes. As long as its off my record I can live with taking some classes.
  15. may 07 i got caught with an 1/8th. they put me on ACOD for 10 months, i didnt get in trouble and my records been clean since.

    youll be okay, just lay low cause theyll be looking for you.
  16. whyd you let em search your car. idk about record being cleaned but, if its decrimialized its a minor misdemeanor and it doesnt create a record. so idk.
  17. Word. I've been moving a good bit of weight around for a while now, and i've never even had the police knock on my door.

    Just gotta be careful, only sell to friends, get em to come inside, stay for a little while, ya know? So it doesn't look suspicious.

    I also never have more than like an O on me at a time, so if i get caught i'm not gonna get fucked with large charges.
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    Hind sight is 20/20 right? I just wasn't thinking straight, i've never been asked to have my car searched before so I just didn't know what to do. Right after I got caught I kept thinking, what if did this? or this? Well you know what, I coulda, woulda shoulda done this, but I didn't. Oh well, I guess you live and learn.

    From everyone's experience, sounds like i'll just be slapped on the wrist and take a few classes. I can live with that.
  19. Keep your head up

  20. If the cop actually saw the transaction then he could argue probable cause whether you give consent or not.

    A half ounce isn't anything but as everything it varies from state to state.

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