so i got a cabinet and....

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  1. the length width and height are 18inx14.5inx51in respectivly.

    so my question is:
    Would it be unreasonable to use HID lights. I would like to use a hps light all the way through ( till i get some experience growing) but im not even sure if the hood, let alone the bulb would fit. I would use LST if i did use hps lighting, but im also not sure if id be able to move the light high enough above the plant to not burn it. So has anyone used hid lights in cabinets or should i just consider cfl's.

    Thanks for the feedback:smoking:
  2. The biggest problem with small spaces and HID lighting is the overall temp of the cabinet. To give you a frame of reference, I am running a 30x17x36 cabinet ( and the temps hover fairly high (83-83 degrees F). And this is with only a 250w HPS. Since your setup would be smaller than mine, I would advise against using the HID lighting.

    I mitigate the stress by having light/dark periods for the HPS using my light timer. When the case temp goes too high, the HPS turns off leaving my 3 CFLs on for a fair amount of light.

    Check out some of the CFL grow journals on these forums, they seem to have been pretty successful from the pics Ive been seeing.
  3. With the right commitment you could make a 250w work for sure ... Be ready to bring in some serious ventilation and an enclosed reflector for sure ...
  4. hi guys, recently discovered the community and been lurking the past couple weeks. glad to find a thread i can actually contribute to.

    i have a similar-sized cabinet (basically 2' x 1' x 3'), and my light is a combo: one 150 hps with four t5's (2 on each side). i can turn the hps and t5's on/off separately, which helps with heat when the ladies are smaller and don't need as much light. it will still be (very) warm in there, so plan ventilation accordingly. i'm actually in the process of refiguring mine because the light's still more than i bargained for in such a small space. but it's definitely doable.

    let me know if you haven't heard of these lights, and i'll try to get you more info... i think the model i have is discontinued, so i'm not sure how easy they are to find.

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