So I go to jail tonight.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Visa Accepted, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. So later this evening I'll be embarking on a 90 day term...
    I got a lot of friends here on GC so when my posts stop for three months you guys know what I'm doing.
    I've got family taking care of my grow, I've instructed my brother to veg a Purple Urkle mother I picked out for the time being..
    I've also got a killer purple Astro Queen male that I will be crossing the Urkle with so that's to look forward to upon my release.
    Right now I am extremely hung over from last night.. I'm contemplating swollowing balloons to be the Christ-like figure in jail that you all perceive me to be. :D
    ^^ I don't think that would go to smoothly considering all of the sushi I have just eaten, so I might not be doing that..
    I don't need Jose and Julio asking me why my product smells like the stink hole of a killer whale.
    All in all I'm bummed out right now, I've spent all week giving money to my family...
    I've made arrangements to make sure that if my girlfriend or primary family members need money it will be there for them... I'm proud of that.
    If you're reading this I hope you've got more to look forward to tonight then I do..
    Stay up.
  2. whatd you do
  3. Some stupid shit...
    I'm on felony probation running concurrent with another charge long story short dirty UA and not from cannabis, I was drunk at a party and made a mistake and now I'm paying for it.
  4. i see. anyways best of luck to you.
  5. Thanks.
    I don't know why but I don't really like you, I think it's because your posts are really short.
  6. ya man haha im faded i dont like typing out long posts.
  7. Dont look at it as going to jail. Look at it as the government helping you take a 3 month T break to get super high. Also way to quote East Bound and Down. Fucking great show
  8. Haha I was hoping someone would call me out on that!
    "the christ-like figure you all perceive me to be", Season 2 Episode 1
    I watched SE02EP02 last night, fucking fantastic, when I get out I will download them all.
    T break lol, peep my pick up thread in my sig..
  9. sucks dude. i suggest eating an oz worth of bud in an air tight ziplock. u'll be makin scrilla in jail
  10. lol you try swollowing an OZ of the fluffy nuggets I get, It would have to be surgically removed from my stomach or I'd choke to death, I could break it up into gram increments but I wont be doing that, you cant smoke in this jail, not even cigs.
    I hate this state, back where im from you can buy cigs @ cantine.
    I did pick up my Xanax prescription a few hours ago, 90 1mg footballs so I'm doing a little contemplating...
    Before I go in im going to take a few and maybe buy some balloons..
    I just dont want to catch another charge you know? that's another felony if you get busted..
    I've already got two and a third strike would launch me into prison here for along long time.
    I'm a crafty mother fucker though, last time I went in i had cigarettes and matches, lit one in the fucking holding cell right before I bonded out..
    I'm a cocky bastard, had 2g's (cash) in my pocket when they picked me up so I burned a square then chunked the deuce to those over weight guards, they didnt like that.
  11. Good luck, Visa! :wave: Stay outta trouble!
  12. Thanks Sealegs, +rep for being from houston, I use to live in htown..what part you from?
    I'm from ATX though but I'm doing this MMJ shit up here in CO and making good money for now, plan to move back though...
  13. Well brother, good luck to you. Whatever you do don't be counting down the days, I heard it drives a man crazy. Enjoy the 3 month T-break and know that when you'll return, life will continue on and you'll be living it up.

  14. good luck man, you'll be outa there in noo time
  15. Best to you, stay strong, hate to see any blade go in for awhile. :wave:
  16. These mad blunts go out for you V.A.
    +rep for living in houston x)
  17. Thanks homie, + rep for the love home boy.
    I live in CO right now.
  18. Thanks for the kind words everybody, keep postin and I'll respond to everybody.
    I'm updating my pickup thread later so peep that to in my sig.
    Much love, im buying balloons, i'll be back on here in a hour.
  19. Don't get caught with em' :wave:
  20. Good luck bro, play it safe with the balloons!

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