So I founda trailer in someones backyard

Discussion in 'General' started by InnerPeace, May 21, 2010.

  1. haha ya. Thinking real seriously about moving into it. What do you guys think? Anyone have experience with this?
  2. well buddy are you going to notify the person whos backyard the trailer is located?
  3. well I found it via craigslist :p
  4. Lol so your going to live in someone elses backyard? You need to find out if they are chilllllllllll

  5. and aren't planning on dismembering your body after tieing you up while you sleep.

    then feasting on your cooked flesh
  6. hahah ya for sure. im going to meet him tomorrow and see the place, see what im working with. I just really dont want to share a house with someone. I think about it, and I want to be able to smoke weed, cook, watch tv in the living room naked and shit u know? I need at least my own spot. And hes saying he'll give me a deal so i dunno, if they're no roaches ill probably take it.
  7. that's why people have weapons. I'm known to have foreign objects stashed all around my living quarters.:devious:

    Aint nothin wrong with a lil danger in your life;)
  8. sounds awesome.
  9. ya, does anyone have experience doing this(not in your parents backyard haha)? Tell me about your experience. I also have the option of actually renting an rv for dirt cheap from someone and finding a spot to park it. I wonder how much space for rv is a month? hmmmm
  10. Id get that shit fixed up and clean IDK why i just dont like to live in shitty dirty places. Lol but how big is it.

  11. I've rented a few rv's and trailers in my time, sir.

    Just make friends with the home owner, and you'll be solid.
  12. Make sure your cooling system works. ;):smoke:
  13. About that....

    ..cooling system works, wifi, satellite tv, dvd player, kitchen and bathroom. According to him everything works and is clean. It is 20 feet long. If it is how he says it is and he's cool(im not going to tell him about weed, nag chamba baby), I'll probably it. Although the rv sounds good, if i can make that shit work, how fucking sweet would it be to drive your home to the dealers house. All I gotta do is find a legit rv park and im solid. I don't want to live on somebody elses house property, fuck all that.:smoke:
  14. The RV doesn't sound bad either. I think a lot would depend on the elbow space for either setup, usually RV parks put you pretty close togather.:wave:
  15. when i was 15 i got pissed off and ran away from home and lived in a school bus behind this crackheads house for like 3 weeks.
  16. I moved from the Midwest to Florida in an RV. I had planned on doing it with a friend, but he backed out last second, so I did it alone. That right there made my experience a little nerve racking at first, being alone in a new place and all. Before long though, I started making lots of friends around town and things got much more comfortable.

    Overall, I had a great time. I moved around to different nearby towns and barbecued and partied it up constantly. It probably helped being in a touristy area in the peak season. It was a little embarrassing bringing girls back to, but most were very understanding or even intrigued by the whole thing.

    After a while, I met someone that offered his back yard for $150 a month, which is WAY cheaper than I was paying so I agreed. Ended up being much less fun and lacking all the amenities I was used to in the parks, so I left after the first month and went back to the park I had previously left.

    Prices at rv parks vary greatly, depending on where you are at. In south florida it was anywhere between $300 and $800/month in the off-season, and $400-$1000/month in the winter months. I would rent the one that you can put where you want, in case you don't like living in the persons back yard.
  17. im probably just going to rent a room out of this dudes house. He's 420 friendly, has a sick setup, bar and shit(I dont really drink , but if i did that'd be cool haha), says i can smoke around the house. And he was even willing to keep things on the downlow when my unchill family members stop by :smoke:
  18. Badass!

  19. Yeah bro I think you'd be happier with this.
  20. I laughed so hard at the title of this thread + the OP's post

    "Anyone have experience living in a random trailer you find in someones backyard?" was what i first interperated it as


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