So I don't have to get up tomorrow.

Discussion in 'General' started by messeramarqueth, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. ...And I just got new stash. :hello:

    So the real question is, how many bowls should I smoke, and what should I do tonight? Serious and ridiculous suggestions welcome, meanwhile, I'll be tokin'.:smoke:
  2. Smoke 17 one hitter bowls while painting your walls your favorite color.

    What do you wan't us to say.. <3
  3. sounds like a hell of a night
    plus rep pimpalicious
  4. just smoke until you high as need to smoke like 10 bowls. thats just a waste.
  5. Doobie? Late night doobie is the best doobie.
    I'm pretty sure that's a fact.
  6. Watch some tv high as fuck, eat, play video games, masturbate, cant think of anything else
  7. Definitely span the monkey...Drink beer, eat hot wings, smoke bowls, play video games.

    Carpe Noctem my friend.
  8. smoke a few bowls and go outside, spin around with your eyes closed, then while keeping them closed run straight ahead. the suspense of falling or hitting somthing is a killer, not to mention actualy hitting smothing or falling
  9. You should not smoke at all.:laughing:
  10. I suggest get high, watch college football, eat, masturbate, eat, xbox, masturbate

  11. That's how you win a Darwin Award my friends
  12. order pizza and watch football :D
  13. Order pizza and ask the delivery guy if he wants to toke it up wit you. Dooo it
  14. Be a lazy athiest. Contribute nothing to society.
  15. Dance naked
  16. I'm lol'd when I saw people are still tellin' this dude what to do, and it's the morning after xD

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