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So I cleaned my pipe with some shitty cleaner...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gabushveg, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. This shit.

    Now it smells like citrus, and I can't get it to stop smelling like that, I've tried cleaning it out with other stuff like three times, and it hasn't worked. How do I get it to stop smelling like citrus? Or if I can't, will it stop smelling like it when I smoke out of it? Oh and if I do smoke out of it, is it harmful at all?
  2. Well the front says "DANGER: HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED."

    So, one would assume that it would also be dangerous to smoke.

    Pour some salt in the mouth piece of the pipe and hold your thumb on the bowl part. Then, fill it up with 71% or 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and then shake vigorously for a long time. Repeat this as many times as necessary and then rinse with hot water.

    You should be good to smoke it after that.
  3. Alright, I'll try that, but I meant could I smoke out of it now, because it just smells like it, I've also washed it out multiple times after I used that stuff, haha.
  4. Honestly, I wouldn't. User discretion is advised.
  5. I wouldnt smoke out of it like that. I beleive theres a stickied guide in one of the forums about it...pretty much put a ton of the isopropyl in a ziplock bag and put salt in until it stops disolving and you can start to see it a little bit then pop your piece in, zip the top up and shake it around for a while.
  6. Would normal table salt work? I don't think my piece can fit the bigger kind of salt in it.
  7. Normal table salt will work.
  8. The more crucial part is the alcohol and rinsing with water. Since your pipe is already clean the salt won't do much for you since its good for scrubbing the resin from the glass.

    Just rinse and rinse and rinse and rinse and rinse. Until the smell is gone. Then rinse more.
  9. True, I was also thinking the salt would be abrasive to the goo that's left behind by using that crap. You know the oily residue left over after using it. If you've used it you know what I'm talking about.
  10. I know that oily residue your talking about but I duno if salt would do much for it. Just rinse with plenty of water is what I'd do but a rinse in ISO could help maybe, I duno.
  11. Um Goo Gone works great for getting rid of adhesive, grease, gum, etc. but its not intended for piece cleaning purposes. You should look for Formula 420 or Orange Chronic at your local headshop. They're both specifically designed to remove built up resin and they're not harmful to smoke after being rinsed off.
  12. Yeah I got some 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and cleaned it out with that, still smells a little bit like citrus, but it's mostly gone, but now I can actually see through the pipe, and I noticed a few chunks of resin inside it still. Will letting it sit in a bag full of isopropyl alcohol overnight help break up the chunks?
  13. Stop buying those shitty products...

    it's just overpriced iso alcohol and salt.

    If you're gonna buy a cleaner get Grunge Off or OxiClean.
  14. using chemicals to clean pipes is a waste. resin is perfectly smokable.

    if your pipe is so clogged you can't draw air through it, get a scraping tool [paperclip will be fine] and just clean it out. you can smoke the resin immediately or save it for a rainy day.

    and if you have a glass piece chances are it looks better with resin in it anyway. i never thoroughly clean my pipes. they are like little warehouses of THC resin that i can tap into when i can't find some bud.
  15. Yeah, but I hate how it tastes and smells and shit.

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