So I broke my Clavicle

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  1. On this 2003 Yamaha TTR-125R dirt bike.

    Like over a year ago, and now I'm selling it. But I can't get it started, today I replaced the hand grips and the bent handbrake lever, changed the oil, checked the carb which wasn't in need of a cleaning and wasn't at all blocked (There's less than 100 Hrs on the bike I'm sure) and the spark plug seems fine. I even emptied the gas that I wasn't sure if was bad or not and put a little over a gallon of fresh fuel in it.

    I can get it to almost fire up if I spray a little starter fluid on the spark plug socket but it's like it can't get fuel to keep running or something... Idk what to do now. I don't know a lot about bikes, or even automobiles in general. Just trying to fix this thing up to sell tomorrow.

    Would reeeeally love any advice blades, thanks ya'll.
  2. well if its been sitting and if it had gas in the lines/tank when you parked it, and if you didnt turn the fuel off, most likely the float or the jet holes are plugged.
    when you try and start it does it kinda bog out? if so, clean that carb! even if you checked it, the little particles arent visible to the naked eye. so take a small piece of wire, and clean the jet holes in the needle.
    if all else fails, sell it as is.
  3. I'm fairly certain at this point that I need to tear the carb apart and unstick something in the floatbowl, idk what it's called but I'm sure that's the problem, gas isn't flowing into the carb, but flows through the fuel tube toward the carb just fine.
    Only problem is, I don't have the tools to take the carb off so I gotta wait for my homie to get some free time n bring his shit out here so I can tear it off and take it to my dad's shop to work on it there.

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