So I bought this perc inline laydown..possible for a blower to add a base?

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    I bought a pretty nice piece. Hits great. Super thick. One problem tho. The piece lays down. I thought it was pretty nifty at first, but now not so much. I just ordered an inline AC from kind creations so I was thinking that with it laying down, I wont be able to always have the ac in the tube. I was thinking this because the stem doesn't look very reinforced so I figured it would put massive stress on it.

    What is my best option? Just put the AC on every time I use it(seems a bit of a hassle). Get a local blower to put a base on it. Have the ac always attached laying down or not. Or just clean it up really nice and throw it up on craigslist and start over. I just got it so I hope that picking up a new piece wouldn't be the best option. I included a picture so you can see the stem and the angle of it etc.

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  2. Id be interested to see if anyone could do this...only thing is...a lot of glass is blown from only one piece of glass with a consistent thickness. I know little about the process of glass blowing so im just guessing that it would be difficult or not possible without affecting the inline...but i hope someone could do something cause itd be sick
  3. wheres trikky? he could answer this!
  4. If it gets re-blown, it will definitely become much more fragile, especially if it's a noob blower. If i were you, i'd just build a cheap base for it out of plastic/pvc or something, hit up Home Depot or something.
  5. Not neccisarily, I mean, If SSFG on etsy can fix broken a/c downstems and whatnot, I dont see why you wouldnt be able to rework a base onto it
  6. I agree with kevin, just try to make a base for it.
  7. i used to have that exact bong. an a/c can sit on it while its laying down, just might have to rotate it.
  8. I would try to make some sort of base or stand.
  9. Well it's also much easier to fix a broken piece than to add stuff to an already existing one. Once you start messing around with the glass, it will never be the same, you could create huge stress areas that crack under little pressure and weren't there before.
  10. kevin is ryt
    try ;pastic or pvc
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    adding a base would be simple actually. im sure it has something to keep the mouth piece of the table when its laying down whatever that is will be left to look awkward and give it a tendency to tip due to the extra weight. now do you really want to modify that tube or just sell/trade it for what you really want?

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