So.. how do you think this is gonna turn out?

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    So this kid I know is throwing this party in calgary. It has international attention at this point and thousands of people are going to be coming. The party got so much attention that he's got big name dj's willing to play the show just for the publicity. It's called projectkris. It's tomorrow and starts at 8. I'm definitely going just cause I wanna see what happens. How do you guys think its gonna turn out? The thing is the address for the party isn't being released to everyone till right when the party starts and people are coming from all around the country so I don't think most people will be into just leaving when it gets broken up. Think I should be prepared for riots when the cops show?This kid has no idea what he got himself into.
  2. Than why the fuck did you say anything.
  3. Sound's like a publicity stunt too draw more people into watching Project X lol
  4. If its legit it sounds pretty cool! I would go if I could and when I'm in the states I'm on the east coast lol
  5. it won't be fun when you get a thousand dollar fine

  6. if a bunch of people are going than the chances of being arrested are relatively low if you play it smart.
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    Hahaha dude. I would normally think the same thing but I personally know the kid who's throwing the party and he's scared shitless at this point. Not to mention the cops have been harassing everyone at my school all week for information.
    I'm not too worried about getting arrested. There is gonna be way too many people there for the police to arrest anyone expect for the biggest fuck ups. It's sure as hell gonna be a destructive night though. I'm glad it's not in my neighborhood.

  8. I really want to go :laughing: some shit like project X..

  9. This has potential to be a memorable party night. Wishing I was still in Edmonton (nnnaaawwwtttt).

    I'll send a few of my friends though for in depth reports.

  10. lol you and OP keep us updated..;)
  11. OP got arrested and is being raped in a cell by big bubba
  12. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit.
  13. Sounds like one helluva party. Cops are definitely going to show up, but I'd still go
  14. My friend tried to throw a party like project X last night. Long story short i had friends showing up to my house PISS DRUNK at 11 PM passing out in my front lawn puking.
  15. Pics or it didnt happen.

    But seriously, I actually would like to see some pics of this.
  16. Yeah dude, I'll definitely try to get some pictures with my phone. I'm not sure if I'll still have my phone after though cause I'm prepared for the fact that anything I bring I might not still have in the morning.
  17. Sounds like it will get busted. Enjoy.
  18. I think you're a big fat troll
  19. [​IMG]

    something like this
  20. I bet a lot of hot Canadian girls will be there, sure wish I was.

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