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  1. Have you ever been so stoned you just couldn't do something? Such as talk to a cop, drive, eat, breathe haha. I've been stoned to the point I couldn't go into school so I just sat in my car until I came down a little then went home.

    Let's hear your too stoned story

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  2. i'm currently so high i couldn't care :hippie:
    does that count :confused_2:
  3. I got glued to my bed once, couldn't lift my arms up or anything.... Felt like hours before I could get up but it might if been minutes

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  4. Once i got stupid high after my last class of the day (1:00pm) and didnt have anywhere to be for another two hours. So i thought i was going to the computer lab at my school and get some hw done, but instead i sat in my car for two hours looking at trees and a giant globe water tower. I was so high i couldnt do anything lolol

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    Back in highschool my buddy asked me to smoke before cooking class, being new to smoking I agreed.
    We go to his car and smoke out of this nice little pipe, loaded with some green from BC.
    I only took two hits as it was my second time smoking and actually getting high from it!

    We go to cooking class eyes as red as the teachers (He smokes and is a cooking teacher).

    Usually this wouldn't have been a problem since its usually group work, but naahhh not on this day!

    We each had to make a cake alone, I was so fucked up!
    Im constantly going in and out of this dream state and im as baked as the cake were making!

    My good buddy covers for me who is blown as well, but it wasn't his first rodeo.

    I dart to the washroom and play angry birds on my ipod for like 30 minutes, then I head back to class.
    My teacher obviously knew what was going on and offered me some cake, I reluctantly declined as I didn't want to look high.
    Definitely my favorite teacher, next to the one who "confiscated" a weed brownie and put it in her desk!

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  6. I got dragged to a highschool graduation with a buddy of mine. We hot boxed on the way there, when we got there I was baked outta my mind and my eyes were red as fuck. I ended up just sitting in the cafeteria the whole time cuz I didn't walk past all the people in the gymnasium watching there family members graduate. Shit was bunk as fuck.
  7. Just last Friday was the second time that I've been high, and I could barely walk. I kept losing my balance and had to sit down every 50 feet while my friend laughed his ass off at me.
  8. There's been plenty of times where I've been so high I just couldn't get up, at all.
  9. My friend forgot how to blink when we went to a movie. Half an hour in I turn to look at her and she is wide eyed trying to figure out why her eyes hurt so I asked her if she forgot to blink and she tries for a few seconds then blinks.
  10. My first few times, I was always too high to walk properly so we just sat at the beach for hours.
    I once forgot how to make my eyes focus so everything was blurry.
  11. I once got so high, that i fell asleep in one of these:
    And i couldn't stand up for 2 hours, when i woke up  :lol:
  12. Today i was so stoned that as i stumbled my ass out of carls jr, on the way back to my car i slipped on flowers dropped from this enormous tree, and spilled my goddamn coke i had just bought all over my face and torso area.
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    How was that weed bunk then lol? Sounds like it was some fire. fyi Bunk means shitty low quality weed. lol....
  14. Me and my friends got really high for one of our buds birthday last Year.

    We were trying to play Up by Wiz Khalifa and could not find out where the letter 'U' came in the alphabet.

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  15. Definitely too high to go into food places before lol. I like to keep myself presentable - groomed and dressed but also my attitude/composure. I hate to go in places too stoned because I stop giving a fuck and crack the weed jokes and make it wayyyy too obvious.
    Too stoned to drive my car. 350z with a 6speed, equipped with a stage 4 drag clutch. Not the prettiest clutch to feather.. Its all or nothing with it - you're going or you're stalling no saving yourself lol. Way too hard when you're at a 10 and can't sober up lol.
    Other then that... I like to do everything else extremely high so yea those are the two things I can't do high really lol
  16. I didn't mean the weed was bunk lol, I meant sitting in a highschool cafeteria baked outta my mind with a bunch of judgmental people around me was bunk.
  17. Oh haha my bad 

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