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So give me some peace of mind from a bad trip

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Aubs, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Sooo, i am by no means a seasoned smoker. Maybe a seasoned dumbass.
    My girlfriends and i went out and i had eaten two edibles of maybe 25g each? Yep, both at the same time lmao.
    Well then induced the worst trip of my ENTIRE LIFE. I have bad anxiety so this made me feel like i was full blown panic attack. My time was delayed sooo bad i could have sworn i was dying. I cried and told my husband i needed an ambulance. Like i was swallowing but feeling it a minute later. I felt like i had been sitting there for hours lmao. I ended up getting somewhat coherent and ended up just saying to let me just get over it. But that was last night and now im still feeling really off, like my mind keeps wandering. Anyone know how to just get over this shit?

    I should also add that im in my early 20s and only 100 pounds so i already know i went wayyyy over my limit and did something dumb.

    So again, is it just time thats going to make me get over this? I wasnt expecring to be straight up bugging the next day too.

    Oh and i will not be attempting edibles again, no thank you
  2. Don't take so much.

    Give yourself time.

    That's like trying to swim across the ocean and almost drowning and then saying you won't EVER SWIM AGAIN!!!!!!

    Just start with a small pool next time. Edibles get really trippy in high doses and the states of mind can be extremely uncomfortable in high doses if you aren't prepared for that.
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  3. A little goes a long way. I went overboard my first time too. Just chill and try enjoy the trip lol.

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  4. Just hit a joint + bong ur be fine

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  5. You should be fine in the next 24hrs . I recently had edibles I ate 2 and a half brownies. When they kicked in I was blown away, I was so fucked up i wasn't able to move for 2hrs . I just want to add I did mentally prepare for this after releasing how much I had eaten. Basically I just went to bed woke up still high as fuck but less. It took me 24hrs to feel sober and about a day feeling sluggish and exhausted. You just have to understand everything is going to be okay. I would suggest speaking to an other fellow stoner in person . Good luck

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  6. You could always practice reading instructions before consuming drugs. That should induce confidence in your dumbassery.
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  7. That should teach you that weed (especially in highly concentrated forms like edibles or hash) can easily be extremely powerful. And that potency is not always going to work in your favor, it can do the opposite. People want to act like because "it's just weed" there can't be any negative side effects ever. Anxiety from getting really high off weed is very common and it can really fucking suck. If it happens to you, you just need to respect the substance and your own limits. If you're using it recreationally (or medially for a mental condition) it would be silly to get so high that it makes you feel anxiety filled so just take it slow. Try microdosing, just take the smallest amount to get you high and go from there. For some people there's a fine line between an enjoyable high and a bad anxiety filled experience. You just gotta find what works for you.
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  8. Let me get this right you ate 2 brownies with 25gs of weed in them? I once made fire crackers and used 1g of weed in them,I was stuck to the sofa for 9 hours from them lol I highly doubt you consumed 50grams of weed in edibles..
  9. Today's cannabis edibles are not like the pot brownies we made out of unsmokable dirt weed in the '70's.
    The potency can be insane.

    Be careful
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  10. probably meant mg of thc
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