So fucked...

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  1. So I came home from school and found my friends who just picked up an 1/8. My excitement proceeds me to pull out a fat nug, then my parents get home.

    I bounce to the gym, come back and guess what? Deadbolt is on and they say they smelled weed. Now I'm fucked!! Haha what to do blades? Crash at homes pad?

    Oh and if I want in they're gonna drug test on the spot.
  2. Provided you've got goals in life and are working to achieve those, why not just tell your parents you do smoke weed and you enjoy it. Explain your rationalizations to your parents about why you smoke.

    It's really easy, unless your parents are ignorant and choose to not educate themselves.

    Good luck brother.
  3. rhotos just saved my life. spiked my at home drug test. wsuppp!?
  4. Haha, nice. You're dodging bullets like Neo.
  5. nice dude

    but to makizushi dude his parents are asian. u wouldnt understand

  6. oh then just run far away :hello:
  7. Asian parents are a drag man....

    They don't know shit about weed and just believe in the stereotypes along with making up their own shit so they can show you up.

    I have Korean parents man and when they found my bong they smashed it with a hammer right in front of me.

    Then I bought another bong...

    Then another....

    Then another......

    And I realized this isn't helping me financially so I bought my launch box.

    I'd say all together I spent at least $500 on pieces before the launch box.
  8. You're 18, move, very simple. If you want to be able to smoke weed on your own terms, time to leave the nest.


    Is that so hard?

  9. True....yet doesn't help that I don't have a job. Ima move out in due time tho.

    Lol dude, parents found 4 of my bongs totaling up to almost $500 too! Haha but yeah I am gonna drop a few bills on a nice illadelph when I get a job and move out. But ya u hit the nail on the head with the whole ordeal with Asian parents Nd weed. Been through hell
  10. hahaha :D
  11. so......they find your bongs and smell weed in the house, and yet since you pass a drug test they say its all ok? Doesnt make any sense at all.
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    Lol all you azns entertain me

    it's not just asian parents its IMMIGRANT parents in general. My family immigrated from Europe and my parents are FAR more strict than any Asian parents I've seen (and I have a lot of asian friends half my university is asian and most of my high school was asian); one of my girlfriends in high school was chinese and her parents grew up here and they let her skip school and shit sometimes

    So ya, not ASIAN parents, IMMIGRANT parents
  14. hahaha asians have the most strict parents and anti -weed

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