so fucked up last night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thisisnotreal, May 9, 2006.

  1. my girl got some hydrocodone for her toothache and i popped one of those, had some vodka, a few beers. smoked a blunt and a few bowls. i haven't been fucked up like that in a while, it was bad ass!

  2. hahaha, nicee..gotta love prescriptions
  3. haha i know man, painkillers are my favorite! i can't get them as often as i'd like though...
  4. ummm i have a pretty bad tooth ache in my teeth from some cavities my dentist pointed out a few months ago but we never did anything u say i can get a prescription for this. please do tell how lol

    lol i love painkillers i bet u had a hell of a night
  5. Pills Pills Pills....

    They seem common around here, I am usually able to get them on short notice.
  6. lucky man
  7. For some reason, when I read the title I automatically thought of hydrocodone.
  8. i used to be way into pills last year. always on something, vicoden, percoset, loratabs. i can't get them as often, and taking them while drinking isn't the best idea, so i only do it about once a month now, but it's sooo fun. whoo hoo!

  9. after my recent expiierences i can definitly see why painkillers can be addictive haha, god they really are so much fun!
  10. it's such an "easy" high you know? with drinking you have to drink until you are drunk. with weed you have to smoke and cough. with a pill you just pop it and sit back and relax!
  11. ^ dude your aviator cracks me up. Is that from something i should know?

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