Discussion in 'General' started by 5cooby Doo, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. :smoking:[ame=]Video: Random Clip Of The Week: 156 Seconds To Grab Any Electronics You Want To Keep! (Netherlands's Best Buy)[/ame]
  2. Don't get me wrong it was pretty cool. But with that title i was expecting a god to come down from the sky and hand me a blunt or suttin. But its cool homie
  3. Na I say epic. I woulda grabbed more tvs and more computer shit, definitely a nice dslr camera. Fuck those cell phones

  4. yeah i wouldnt have even gone to the phone section. prolly head straight to the apple section to start things off
  5. Hell yeah I definitely woulda grabbed more apple shit then he did
  6. ^straighttt... I would have cleared all the apple laptops from their store!
  7. Haha and like 5 more of the 55" tvs or maybe even some 70"ers let's go crazy
  8. What the fuck did this guy do to be able to do this? Lucky sob.

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