so does anyone have an album suggestion for me to check out?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by coldcheese, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. i'm looking for some good shit, any suggestions?

    i'm into shit like 2 pac, nas, AZ, nas, bg knocc out, bone thugs, delinquent habits, gang starr, rappin 4 tay... you get it.

    just those fucking chill ass songs that sound great when you slap them hella loud.
    for example sherm stick by jayo felony. that's a great song.
    or rather unique by AZ. i love how chill the beat is.

    so now that you (whoever understands) understand my taste, got any album suggestions that i should check out?

    i'm in the mood to discover some music, and then put it on my ipod so i can listen to it at school tomorrow and be like "YESS I HAVE NEW MUSIC".
  2. the gza - liquid swords.

    if you havent heard this already, you should definitely blaze and put this on immediately.
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    all right man, thanks, i'll check it out right now.

    edit: damn dude, you're right, i didn't blaze to the album but i'm already pretty ripped, this shit is great.

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