So do you think we went up there?

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  1. Do you think america landed on the moon?

    [ame=""]YouTube - Did we land on the Moon....? 1/5[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - did we land on the Moon....? 2/5[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - did we land on the Moon....? 3/5[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Did we land on the Moon....? 4/5[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Did we land on the Moon....? 5/5[/ame]

    Still interesting none the less
  2. Yes, yes we did.
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    4 hours later, I can tell you that yes, just like holocaust, it happened. Living in Florida I've seen too many rockets fly into the sky for one of them to not have landed on the moon.

    Besides, why lie about something so boring.

    Edit: Swear to god that old guy is the guy that lives above me.
  4. Yes, we did.

    Some things where faked, like the rover thing, it was a fucking video of a go cart in slow motion, if you speed it up it becomes obvious it's on earth... plus, why would you want a go cart on the moon... but we have landed... how the fuck else did we get a flag up there?

    I didn't watch those particular videos, but I know all the usual shit from them... but there's a flag there, end of story (while I personally have not seen it, I know people who have, I live at the McDonald Observatory, and the videos that say you can't are full of shit)
  5. Anyone seen the mythbusters try to bust the moon landing episode?
  6. I believe that we did land on the moon, just not in the capacity that the public was shown.

    I don't believe in all the anti moon landing conspiracies about odd shadow patterns on the moon surface and all that bullshit... But somewhere, deep in my gut I believe that parts of the moon landing were staged in a desperate cold war bid for supremacy. I don't know how or what was hidden from us, I just have this gut feeling and I know that isn't evidence what so ever.
  7. my mind cant even comprehend that there are people that believe that shit is false

  8. Back in the 60's many countries including America and Russia were vying to claim they were the advanced nation. Russia would even send astronauts and submarinists to their deaths then lie about it just to show that they could go to the sky or the depths.

    Then comes America with an unprecedented moon landing at the end of the decade.


    Yea probably.
  9. After watching these five videos and a few more on youtube, I can honestly say that I really doubt we did the vast majority of what they showed us. The flag could easily be placed by something non-human. Much like the robots that I do believe we have sent there. However in the 60's, I believe the original landing was a haux.

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