So did you guys hear, it was supposed to be hermione and harry

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  1. Eh. I still think Ron and Hermione were great.
  2. i had the feeling as i read the series that hermione was meant for harry.
    but i suppose, now its more like real life right?
  3. hes got an optional threesome
  4. She was definitely torn... I think if harry hadn't liked Ginny so much they could have got together.

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  5. Yeah, she was clearly going for realism in this series lol.
  6. She's too uptight and the sex would have been awful.
  7. Ginny sucks.
  8. I'll smoke to that :p
  9. I'd fuck the shit out of Ginny
    oh i'd fuck ginny too but hermione, she's wife material.
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    That would have been magical.
  12. Lets be honest, hermione was sucking harrys cock at least a little. Harry and ron probably tag teamed hermione at some point

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