So did they cut the war on drugs?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peanutbutter, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I'm guessing that with all this budget cutting, they left the war on drugs fully funded.

    Would someone PLEASE tell me I'm wrong?
  2. Of course you are wrong, the war on drugs is over, DUH, obama said so himself. But yeah, the funding is actually larger and they are still performing the exact same task as before....
  3. The war on drugs is still running, foreign aid is rampant, the rich get richer, and you know the rest.
  4. So no one knows yet ..

    Got it.
  5. haha. Good point. Stupid government. lol
  6. They aren't cutting any existing budgets, they are only pledging to reduce future budget increases on behalf of the future congress. Of course, when the 2020 congress comes in they can set any budget they want, so this is all bullshit.
  7. So this budget deal left the war on drugs fully funded?

  8. Good news: all wars remain fully funded...

    ^ sarcasm, it's not good news.
  9. So what MJU1983 and aaronman are saying is, they didn't actually cut any current spending... but they cut back on the money they were PLANNING to spend which can be overturned by the 2020 congress?

    Seems like progress to me.
  10. The TEA Party has NO interest in increasing revenue or cutting costs from anything other than programs which help the poor and middle class. Those morons will bankrupt the country while giving rise to crime and gangs. Good fucking work.

    A real budget plan to save our country would not be complete without an immediate 50% reduction in military spending (pulling troops out of Germany, Japan and other countries where we have no purpose, cutting the size of our standing enlisted force outside of combat zones by at least 75%), an end to the War on Drugs, legalization and taxation of Marijuana and other drugs, gambling, prostitution, an end to the Cuban Embargo and possibly a new new deal which would build up more infrastructure and provide AMERICANS with decent jobs while also giving our economy a boost.

    Add in some minor tax increases for people like my father and his friends and our economy is vastly better.

  11. The Godfather of The Tea Party begs to differ...

    I don't see how welfare programs where 70% of the money is eaten up by bureaucracy "helps" the poor.

    It's fun just making stuff up or talking out of your ass though, isn't it! Gotta love the internets. :smoke:

  12. That's a lie, you shouldn't watch so much MSNBC.

    Ron Paul, Tea Party champion, says we should start with military and non-essential spending before even coming near welfare and entitlements.

  13. Here are words I never thought would come out of my mouth, be typed at my hand or even thought in my brain: I agree with Cenk Uygur.

    [ame=]Fund War, Cut Social Security & Medicare - Senator - YouTube[/ame]

    Obama's Mentor, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), is arguing that entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare need to be cut so that the U.S. can continue spending massive amounts of money on 'defense (aka wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).

    Cenk ends the video on a good fact/thought...worth a watch.
  14. theres a difference between ronpaul OG teaparty and the fundamentalist teabagger republicans.
  15. Yea, there is. Only goons pretend "the tea party" is one cohesive movement.
  16. Again.
  17. like the aaronman pointed out, there's a lot of disparity within the Tea Party. Heck, I'd go so far as to say that there's almost as much disparity within the TP as there is between the TP and the Dems.

    we can cut a big chunk out of the defense budget and actually maintain or increase our current capabilities by changing a few US codes that help businesses and defense contractors soak the taxpayers to line their own pockets. the beginning of my anger towards the system was watching the callous budget overruns of contractors while they were NOT fixing my boat; more than once we wound up doing their job after they screwed it up, therefore costing the taxpayer twice the parts, plus the civilian contractors' budget overruns :mad::mad::mad:.

    We can take out a big chunk more by pulling out of the ratfuck in the middle east.

    Shift more responsibility on the Navy from the army and we can get the job done with less money; naval operations require more overhead capital to operate but less capital expenditures over time--you've already paid for the ships, maintenance, and crew. Cut the Army and Air force budgets by 60% each, and increase the Navy budget by 40%. you save money and still have sufficient force to patrol the sea-lanes for anti-piracy operations and as a front-line defense against outside aggressors. Hell, let us hunt the damn Somali pirates for a damn change, so we can do some damn good! if you've ever seen the aftermath of pirates you get REAL interested in hunting those murderous sadistic raping bastards down.

    if we need an army you can raise, train, and equip a division in something like three months.

    We're kinda stuck with Japan through treaty obligations. Technically the reason we have bases in Japan is to protect the Japanese since they are only allowed a very small defense force after WWII. Having a forward base of operations is supposedly just a twofer, but we all know that's horseshit. After what I saw of the IDF, anyone dumb enough to stick their reproductive organs into that particular meat grinder deserves the pain that will follow.

    But yeah, the asshats are still increasing spending on Prohibition.

  18. Of course they left it fully funded. It's for the children!! Won't somebody PLEASE think of the CHILDREN?!?

    [ame=]‪Children‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Were you actually asking the question? Lol because yes, that is EXACTLY what happened. It's exactly what ALWAYS happens. They act like they're doing something to fix the problems they themselves have created, and in turn they make even MORE problems, all the while telling the People that the day was saved by these brave heroes who have sacrificed so much for the benefit of us all.

    The more stupid/ignorant/both of us believe it, the rest of us are left sitting here shaking our heads and palming our faces...
  20. Ask "Hillary vos Savant"... She'll tell you...

    [ame=]‪Hillary Clinton's Insane Comments on Drug Legalization‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

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