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  1. So I have a problem, I lack social skills. I was beat up as a kid and ostrisized and now the stage of development I missed is catching up with me. For the first time in a while I was going out with a cool girl, real cute, it was our first "hang out" I cooked her her favorite food and everything was going great. Then I thought she's smiling, being all cool, but if I don't make a move she'll think I'm not interested. So when we were watching the movie I put my hand around her. She got creped out but I didn't catch on. I tried to kiss her, lookin back on it, what was I thinking? I drove her home and apoligized, but I don't know if she'll ever talk to me again. I hurt soo bad. But what hurts more is I feel soo bad for her. I just wanted her to be happy and now nothing will ever happen. I need to work on this shit more.
  2. Don't sweat it man, you just gotta be more confident.

    Be yourself, man. Don't try and be somethin' your not cause in the end the charade will catch up and you'll find you only have yourself.
  3. dont worry about it. we all make mistakes. just send her a IM or facebook message and say sorry and you would like to make it up to her. but dont be so down their are more girls out there. and about being bullyed as a kid there was a reasion. and odds are the ohter kids didnt like you because they thought you were cooler than them. i know just from your post that you seem cool. so dont dwel on the past just make you life better. i was bullyed as a kid i just didnt let it get to me. if you need someone to talk to just pm me of ge ahold of me. ill help you when you need it.
  4. wow i was drawn to this thread because i can totally relate to it. i am going through the same thing, i would be such a good bf but i just can't seem to get a cute gf. i am waiting for people in my age group to mature and accept me but it is happening only very slowly. so yeah i can def relate to being the "akward" one.
  5. Hahah damn!

    U went in for the kiss and she shut u down eh?

    I would call her and explain it to her the exact same way u just explained it to us. If she doesnt understand then she isnt worth the time.

    Just so u know, this kinda shit happens to everyone. :D The best thing u can do is not let it bother u too much. Of course pride is gonna get to u no matter what, but remember, its not the end of the world. Dust yourself off and try again. Trust me, the more u get rejected, the more game u will get.

    Eventually u will look back on this and laugh. Until then, work on it. It will happen.
  6. man first kiss is hard to do. I just had my first gf a few months back and she recently broke up with me.........

    anyways first kiss I basically asked her can I give you a goodnight kiss.

    and after the first kiss I didn't ask any longer and just went for it.

    its not really smooth saying can I give you a kiss but I like doing that for teh first kiss instead of going in for a kiss and girl backing away.

    if a girl doesn't want to kiss you sadly now you know she doesn't like you in that way.

    being rejected sucks and and hurts but that's life

    and I know what you mean, I was bullied in elementary school aswell and it made my self esteem go down.

    I was bullied because I moved here from germany and had a slight accent and I was also super shy and bullies like to target the shy kids.

    but seriously i'm sure almost everyone gets rejected sometimes.
  7. Thanks guys, I did facebook her telling her I was sorry. She said it was just miscommunication, and that we are definately friends, so I feel better knowing she feels better. Yeah, life goes on, shit happens, and I'll grow from this.

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