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SO DAMN INSANE! (saddam hussein)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. saddam has been captured...

    what do you think about that?
  2. hah, thats what krusty the clown said in a simposons episode... (so damn insane)

    Well saddam is gonna die where ever he ends up going, whether it be the united states, or stay in iraq, have you seen how many people there want him dead? and all the people here... he's screwed, and im happy...
  3. he always gave bad karma to other, so that what he getting in return....
  4. in a way its wrong,cause he was just running his country the way he wanted it ran,just like bush and other former presidents did with the states.if the states didnt worry so much about world power we'd be better off,
  5. ...and all of ya'll wanted to get out of iraq as fast as possible.

    lol simpsons quote to ur quote ;)

    but hopefully the resistance will stop now too
  7. he looked like an overgrown disheveled dwarf
  8. Im glad that so damn insane is no longer a threat to the people of iraq and the rest of the world. justice will be had. saddam hussein will now pay for the evil deeds that he has done. he will forever rot in hell. saddam will experience what all of the people he has harmed and killed in the fires of hell, i hope that he will eternaly burn along with hitler, stalen and other such evil men who unfortunatly lived on this earth. i am thankful to our hard working troops for capturing this sick individual. mr. hussein and your cohorts...may you forever be damned and burn in hell. you will never be forgiven.
  9. i say hang his bitch asss
    i gotta rope lets run to the
    hickory tree and have us a hangin
    fuck sadaam
  10. i wanted to get out of iraq, too. I'm glad we got him because now we don't look like as big jackasses for the way we went in there. He was a bad ruler, and in my opinion has whatever is coming to him, but it could have easily been done with one bullet. Our soldiers still aren't going to be withdrawn for a while and I'm angry about that.
  11. i have to say. if Saddam deserves the death penalty for what he's done, then surely several presidents of america should be held responsible for the millions killed by the CIA?

    people who were apparently a threat to the nation, when most of them were simply speaking their mind or saying things that the government didn't want the public to hear. JUST LIKE SADDAM!

    i'm not sure which is worse. Saddam for killing so many of his people, or America for saying it's wrong and then ding the same in secret. hypocrisy.
  12. I am glad he is captured but I think we would be crazy to let him go back into his own country again, are we really that stupid? Another thing, I agree we should kill him, but lets do it slowly. Ya know, cut his fingers off one by one every hour until he tells us every piece of information he knows. Then slice his ears off like in 'Reservoir Dogs.' You get the idea.
  13. i agree, he shouldn't be allowed to enter any position of power. but killing him would just keep the whole cycle going.

    i never understood the death penalty. it's like saying "you can't kill people, but we can."

    such blatant hypocrisy. it makes me sick.

    and personally, i don't think anybody in America or the UK has any right to say what he deserves. it should be up to the iraqi people. but i'm sure America and their Axis of Bullshit will get a say.

    i wouldn't even be suprised if America kept hold of him. they seem to get their way all the time. fuck everyone else style.

    "We need a World-wide genocide. A planetary suicide. And when the whole damned World is dead... there's your fucking peace."

  14. I thought he kinda looked like santa claus.
  15. well... i dont think thats the end of terrorism.... but he was a bastid' and i want to see what they decide to do to him
  16. if we the states can go in iraq and declar war and take power away from their government,why hasn't another country come in and take power away from congress and our president? and we found no weapons of mass desruction so how could iraq have been such a big threat?they say its in the name of world peace?when they the government killed those troops that died cause they sent them into war,to me thats not very peaceful

  18. saddam ccaptured (and humilated on tv) and suddenly the war in irak was legitimate?.. ooooo the elections are comming.

    common people WAKE UP.
    we know saddam hussein was the /excuse/ to invade the country, not the /reason/.

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