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So bud prices are being jacked up more in GA

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeyMcDank, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. #1 SmokeyMcDank, Feb 13, 2009
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    Okay so when I first started smoking about a year ago I was getting decent dank for 20g. Then I called my buddy one time and he said he got some stuff for 25g. I never thought I would pay 25g but eventually everyone started charging 25g for some dank so I got use to it. That was steady for a while. Now for the past 3 weeks dank has been going around for 30g! Im pissed cause I really dont wanna pay 30 bucks for a damn gram but whatever. IMO this is what it seems the pricing has gotten to.

    15g beasters
    20g decent dank
    25g fireee dank
    30g for the dank of dank usually famous strain names

    im pissed lol
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    30g for headies...Thats fucked up bro no matter where you live. I dont think ive ever ever heard of headies going for 30/gram I think your being totally ripped dude. I would try and lower those prices or something thats insane.

    Edit: spelling
  3. Save your money and buy in weight then ...
  4. Yeah man, I understand. I'm in Atlanta and first it took forever to find some. Then when I finally did, it was $20 for a g. Cost me $60 for an eighth, looks like this:
    Haven't had any from this batch yet though. Not sure how nice it actually smokes. Plus, I'm pretty new at this, so I don't even really know what GOOD stuff is. But I do know that this shit is expensive around here. I actually had found one other guy who could get some, but he was overcharging the shit out of us. It was $25 for what looked like a little less than a gram, and it looked like dirt. And he lives across the hall from me, so I said fuck that. lol
  5. The thing is I dont have the extra cash to buy in weight. Weight still expensive anways 500 an ounce 140 1/4 75 1/8
  6. u need to come to California
  7. Ya my friends are reallllllly good at skateboarding and are moving out to Cali. I am thinking of tagging along for the sole purpose of cheaper weed :D
  8. I'm from chatt like a hour and a half away our prices hi as hell too 50 a getcha 2 grams if u lucky
  9. Damn! Yup thats about what I pay. 50 will get you 2g's
  10. I'm paying on average $40 for 2g
  11. I can get that to usually. But if I want more danker buds its gonna be 25g
  12. $100 in Fertilizer over here.

  13. I'm in GA too and I would spit on my dealer if he told me $30 a gram.
  14. Ya it sucks. The 30g stuff is rare but its super potent. Average is 20-25 for a gram.
  15. How many hookups have you had? Because your current dealer may have good ass weed, but I would really look for a new dealer. It seems like your being overcharged (not your fault) but maybe 2 or 3 dealers are getting together and raising prices or something, idk. Im in Florida and we pay 20/g for good "crippy" (we just say its like fiire if its really good crippy) and its 50/eigth. It doesnt seem like your getting price breaks. Also, the best strains can be like 25/g but 60/eigth which is a really good price break.
    Whole point of this comparison: You should be getting better price breaks even if your paying 25/g
  16. daamn that sucks...glad i dnt buy grams

  17. word.
    i can get 1g of GDP for about 10-12 bucks.
    and my friend/dealer can do a 1/8th of pineapple kush for 25-30 with me
    come to CA man.
  18. u in cali tho dat shit dont count its legal out there so of course u can get them type of prices I wouldn't even buy if I stayed out there
  19. My boy i work with has a cali connect as a friend, so he gets GREAT Cali Bud for dirt cheap. PM me for info to try some. only bad thing is he lives on the westside, and im on the northside with no car. If you got a whip and want to match me on some good shit PM me.
  20. I feel like Im getting a good deal at 20 a 3 gram sack of mids/highs.

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