So a cop just caught me with a pipe...

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    My friend was pulled over for not using his turn-signal. The car smelled like pot so he asked us what we had on us. My friend told him he had weed. And I told him I had a pipe on me. I got a ticket for Possession of Paraphernalia. Besides that my records clean. I'm 18 and headed off to my 1st year of college so Ill have to hire a lawyer to rep. me. How should I expect this to work out? And what are the chances of coming out with nothing on my record?

    How much should I expect to pay?

    Its a municipal court btw.
  2. naw, if this is your first offense with a simple paraphernalia charge, having a lawyer will more than likely get your charges dropped or possibly expunged after X amount of days.

    Don't stress and chief while you can.

  3. That sounds good af... How much do you think It would be out of pocket?
  4. What state?
  5. Luckily my mom picked up the expenses for me when I was 18 a couple years ago..

    I bet it'd be around ~$300-500, shop around braaa. Don't take one too seriously, you can always cut deals.
  6. no no the cop has it wrong. you were smokig TOBACCO out of that pipe. there's your case

  7. Missouri
  8. That's foolish considering that a competent cop that charges said person for possession of paraphernalia would be legally obligated to take the evidence/ confiscate the illegal substances.
  9. I forgot to add my records clean besides a speeding ticket

  10. I doubt that would of worked... It smelled like pot and had lots of resin
  11. out of curiosity, can you be charged or anything if you're caught with a pipe and a ziplock baggie of ashes (some bits of green left)? like, you just finished smoking in a fairly secluded area by a public trail, and you're walking home with the stuff in your pocket.
    i'm in newfoundland, canada, by the way.
  12. First offense, and being cooperative....shouldn't be too bad.

    Maybe a year or so of probation.

    I've never dealt with this so I'm not the best source to pay attention to.
  13. is this a serious question? I find it obvious if you have a pipe with you. Paraphenilla charge probably. Unless its different in Canada thatd be how id roll in the US
  14. your gonna get a lawyer for getting a ticket? all thats gonna do is, jeez i dont know! nothing! when you got the ticket you basically signed it confessing that you were in possession of paraphernalia correct?

  15. I wont be in the state in that I got the ticket when the court date comes around so Ill def. need a lawyer. I just wanted to know what I could expect as far as fines and it being on my record..
  16. You definitely do not live up to your user name.
  17. Most likely will end up with community service or something small. I don't think it will take much since you were caught with so little.
  18. In Iowa first offense= deferred judgement, placed on low risk probation for a year, and required 8 hour class.

    Costs a shit ton tho..
    1) lawyer fee.
    2) ticket fine + court costs
    3) probation fee
    4) required class fee
    5) substance abuse evaluation

    If you yo make it through probation, and pay everything the charge is wiped from your record.
  19. Why the fuck would you just admit it like that?

  20. Thats the dumbest things ive heard all day.

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